Trewin Restorick

Environmental campaigner and charity ambassador, Trewin Restorick is the founder of Global Action Plan and the founding CEO of Hubub, a charity which makes environmental issues fun. Launching creative campaigns and collaborating with companies, Hubub is a visionary charity. Trewin's history of working in environmental change and his ability to actively engage his audiences makes him well-placed to discuss green issues.

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Trewin Restorick founded the charity Hubbub UK  which transforms the way environmental messages are communicated by bringing people and organisations together as a force for good.  In 2020, Hubbub won Charity of the Year and Trewin was recognised with a Global Leader of the Year award. In 2021, he won the Business Green ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and in 2022 voted by peers as the most influential person in the UK’s recycling and resource sector. Trewin left Hubbub to start a grassroots environmental venture, Sizzle, looking at how to bring organisations together to make it easier for people to live greener lifestyles.

Trewin has a track-record of creating successful environmental enterprises including PaperRound a flourishing recycling business and Global Action Plan a long-established environmental charity.  These enterprises were created built on experience gathered through roles he filled at Friends of the Earth where he was Director of Fundraising and at Plymouth City Council where he supported the creation of new social enterprises.

He is also the Chair of Student Hubs, a network which supports students tackling social challenges. Trewin has been part of the Environmental Sector for over two decades and has extensive experience of speaking to audiences at conferences, seminars and workshops. He also regularly appears in press, radio and TV interviews, having commented on environmental issues for Sky News, Channel 4 News, CNN, BBC Breakfast among others.

Trewin acted as the Chair of the Environmental IT Leadership Team (EILT), and sat on the Defra Third Sector Advisory Board, is a trustee for Sustainability and Environmental Education, and co-chaired Defra’s Compact Group. Trewin has been trained as one of Al Gore’s UK Climate Change Ambassadors.

Before starting Global Action Plan, Trewin worked for Friends of the Earth as Recycling Co-ordinator and Head of Marketing. In these roles, he established the first blue box kerbside recycling scheme in the UK and created Paper Round, an office based recycling scheme in London which now has a turnover of £3 million. He has also worked for Plymouth City Council, the Dartington Trust and BBC.

Able to speak about CSR, behaviour change to combat climate change, green living and charity and business partnerships, Trewin is the ideal speaker for all green issues.

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