Jeremy Schwartz

Jeremy Schwartz is an inspiring presenter and captivating storyteller who shares his CEO expertise from world class consumer and retail companies such as L’Oréal, The Body Shop, Coca-Cola and Pandora. His leadership approach has achieved transformational business results by continually staying ahead of business trends.

C: £5K - £10K

Jeremy is an expert on organisational mindsets of market leaders and innovating consumer focused cultures by profiting from sustainability and purpose.

His impressive leadership roles have succeeded in creating huge value extremely quickly. In fact, each generated more than $5billion in shareholder value in just 2 years.

As a speaker, Jeremy shares his wisdom, including the secrets that he used to turnaround Pandora and Sainsburys, as well as how Coke Zero was invented and L'Oreal's journey to market leadership.

Furthermore, Jeremy is an authority on sustainability, setting stretching environmental goals, innovating without compromising profitability and reporting without greenwashing. This has been demonstrated through his role as CEO of The Body Shop, Chairman of Kantar's Sustainability Transformation practice and host of Saving Tomorrow's Planet podcast.

Jeremy knows what it takes for world-class companies to truly succeed. He unlocks the secrets of organisational mindsets, speed of decision-making and digital transformation.

Jeremy's speeches, masterclasses and workshops are personalised to every client, with every event offering the audience many clear actionable insights.

He is currently working on two books, Act Fast & Get Things Done, as well as, Cut the Marketing Bullshit.

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