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Honest, charismatic and inspirational, Joe Simpson’s account of his near-fatal mountaineering accident whilst climbing in The Andes became an international bestseller and BAFTA Award-winning film 'Touching The Void'. Drawing on his experiences, Joe illustrates universal messages that resonate with his audience, such as decision making, planning, effective teamwork, goal-setting and self-belief.

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"Shrugging off jet lag, Joe proceeded to captivate our entire sales and service teams, holding them in the palm of their hand."
Customer Service Manager, Abbott Diagnostics

Joe Simpson has drawn from his experiences as one of the world's most successful and respected mountaineers  to become a leading author.  'Touching the Void', the story of his amazing survival, having shattered his leg and been left for dead in a crevasse high in the Andes, has sold over a million copies worldwide, and is a Bafta award winning film.

He now brings his powerful story to the corporate sector in an amazingly inspirational presentation, which covers aspects of teamwork, leadership, personal development, risk assessment and management style.

His story has become a classic of mountaineering, hailed as an account of psychological, even philosophical witness of the rarest compulsion.

It is a tale of two men thrown into a nightmare of terrifying life and death choices and heartbreaking decisions.  It is about agony and terror, courage and weakness.  It tells of trust and friendship tested to the very limits of human endurance. It is about the triumph of the human spirit, the immense instinct to survive and the innate strength we have within us to succeed.

Following the sale of the movie rights of Touching the Void to Tom Cruise's and Sally Field's Movie Company, the rights to a 90 minute drama documentary were sold to the independent producers Darlow Smithson.

The drama documentary film Touching the Void won the 2004 Baftas Outstanding British Film of the Year beating Cold Mountain, Love Actually and Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Evening Standard Best film of the year 2004. It is now officially the most successful documentary in British cinema history.

'Touching the Void', the best-seller was translated into 14 languages, won the Boardman Tasker Prize 1988, NCR Non fiction Award 1989, Deutches Literaturpries1990, and Premio del libro do Montagna 1993.  It has sold over one and half million copies world wide, and is now available as an E-book.

He is also author of the novel The Water People and The Beckoning Silence, This Game of Ghosts, Storms of Silence, and Dark Shadows Falling. To date all his non-fiction books have been short-listed for the Boardman Tasker Prize.

Joe's incredible story, combined with his humour and powerful delivery, make Joe Simpson the ideal speaker for all types of event.

For further information or to book Joe Simpson, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email

For further information or to book Joe Simpson please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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  • "Shrugging off jet lag, Joe proceeded to captivate our entire sales and service teams, holding them in the palm of their hand."
  • Customer Service Manager, Abbott Diagnostics

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