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A Falklands War Veteran, Simon Weston returned from the war with 46% burns and facial disfigurement. Despite this, Simon radiates optimism and his story is one of courage and strength. A highly sought-after motivational speaker, he not only talks about overcoming adversity and positive mental attitude but also his experiences of being in the public eye over the last 30 years.

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"Professional, polite, courteous. the audience loved him, he was engaging and very generous with his time - a hit!"
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Simon Weston is a Falklands War Veteran, who returned from the war with 46% burns and facial disfigurement. His resilience, courage, optimism and strength make him a true war hero. His enthusiasm for life and charming personality have made him a highly sought-after motivational speaker.

Simon, originally from Mid Glamorgan, decided to join the Welsh guards in 1978 and served in Berlin, Northern Ireland and Kenya before being sent to the Falklands, where his life would dramatically change. When Simon returned home with severe burns, his own mother did not recognise him and he admitted that his injuries affected him mentally as well as physically.

The advice he received from his mother and old army regiment inflicted change in Simon’s attitude towards life and he became a role model. His message is now one of sheer determination and to accept the difficulties in life and find a way of using them to your advantage.

Since recovering from his injuries and taking a new approach to life, Simon has set up ‘The Weston Spirit’, a children’s charity based in Liverpool. He is a loyal worker for the Royal British Legion, the Royal Star and the Garter Home. Simon was awarded the CBE in the 2016 New Year`s Honours in recognition of his charity work. He met his wife Lucy through the ‘Weston Spirit’ charity, where she was working as a volunteer.

Simon’s success has also involved numerous TV documentaries focusing on his charitable work and the difficulties he overcame to be in the position he is in today, these include; ‘Simon’s War’, ‘Simon’s Peace’, ‘Simon’s Triumph’ and Simon’s Return’. The autobiography of Simon’s life has ‘Walking Tall’ has become a best seller. He has also written a series of fictional books and has forged a career as a successful children’s writer.

In late 2011 Simon returned to the Falklands Islands to film a documentary to help mark the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War in 2012. In 2013, he was voted for the Peoples Portrait by viewers of the BBC One Show and his portrait has been hung in the National Portrait Gallery.

In 2014, in a survey conducted by Freud Communications, Simon was voted top of the UK`s Heroes Index, naming him the Nations Favourite Hero.

Alongside his speaking, Simon is also a successful businessman and is a director of his own company, Zappawoo, which aims to transform the disabled holiday market.

Simon’s story is inspirational and demonstrates to others what can be achieved when you have the courage to overcome life shattering obstacles. He is admired by many and is in high demand as a keynote/motivational speaker and after dinner speaker.

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  • "Professional, polite, courteous. the audience loved him, he was engaging and very generous with his time - a hit!"
  • Type AB

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