Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Founder of budget airline EasyJet and the EasyGroup Stelios Haji-Ioannou is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his generation. Revolutionising European travel, Stelios pioneered the change in the way we travel and he continues to work in the travel and tourism industry, developing easyHotel and easyProperty. A well-respected businessman Stelios is one of the most sought-after inspirational keynote speaker.

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Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is the co-founder of Easyjet, one of the UK’s largest and most successful airlines. He is an accomplished business  keynote speaker , a well-respected businessman and  entrepreneur , with an impressive story to tell and the ability to inspire audiences at corporate events.

Stelios founded his first company, Stelmar which was a shipping company at the age of 25 and he sold it in 2005 and made a significant profit. He founded easyJet three years after Stelmar, at the age of 28 and after he floated the company on the London Stock Exchange it became a huge success. easyJet now has 23 bases across Europe and in 2012 they had over 50 million passengers on their flights.

Stelios is still the main shareholder in easyJet and he took the initiative to expand the Easy brand into a separate company of which he had private ownership of. The company was called easyBrand and was made up of various different businesses including easyCar, easyHotel, easyBus, easyOffice, easyPizza and easyCruise, all of which offered great value for money.

Since becoming a successful entrepreneur, Stelios has dedicated a significant amount of time to helping young entrepreneurs and sharing his business knowledge. He has given 200 scholarships over the course of 10 years to LSE and Cass Business School; he aims to support business people who want to succeed in their chosen field. His dedication to helping young entrepreneurs can also be seen in Greece, where he set up the outstanding business start-up of the year award.

He can also be credited for created the ‘Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year Award’; he also created the ‘CYMEPA’, an association that aims to protect the marine environment in Cyprus, the birthplace of his parents.

Stelios has spoken at events all around the world and is well respected as a business keynote speaker, he is a prime example of someone who has turned his business into a success story and he commands the audiences respect from beginning to end.

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