Alexander Blass

An internationally-acclaimed entrepreneur, Alexander Blass became the youngest grand-prize winner of the Top Innovator of the Year award, having revolutionized charitable giving through the internet. 

A: £15K & Over

Alexander Blass - innovator , business guru and entrepreneur – won the Daily Record’s Top Innovator of the Year Award, for which he was credited with "revolutionizing charitable giving" in 2007. As well as inventing face-to-face online giving technology, he serves as CEO of Alexander Blass International, an executive consulting and training firm.

Charismatic and deeply intelligent and insightful, Alexander is the youngest ever recipient of the Top Innovator of the Year Award, and gives lauded keynote speeches at some of the world’s most prestigious conferences on leadership, innovation and creativity.

He contributes frequently to the world’s top media outlets, presents master-classes and consults with businesses in every sector.

He is also the recipient of the Influential Marylanders Award, as well as topping the Baltimore Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 Executives list. The Wharton School of Business honoured him as Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Alexander started out as venture capitalist, and moved into strategy consulting and government work. He also developed software and worked for KPMG Consulting.

He first tasted success when, during his time in venture capitalism, one of the fund’s portfolio companies went from a $500,000 fund investment to a nearly $500 million acquisition.

The National Science Foundation has showcased Alexander as their ‘invited expert’ on many occasions, and he has made investing recommendations on more than $100 million of emerging technologies for the U.S. government.

He has appeared in numerous media outlets globally.

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