Jonathan White

Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, Jon draws on his experiences as a 19 year old Commissioned Officer in the Royal Marines, leading men in the world's toughest environments. Inspirational and motivational Jon has channelled his misfortune into positive action. The Royal Marines Officer will fuel an audience with his personal tales of action and adventure, an ideal choice for a business event. 

Inspirational speaker and leadership consultant Jon White draws on his experiences as a 19 year old Commissioned Officer in the Royal Marines, leading men in the world’s toughest environments for over 10 years.

On patrol in Afghanistan, Jon stepped on a Pressure Plate Improvised Explosive Device and lost three limbs.

Jon White is a real person and a real hero. He has an incredible attitude for life and is a true inspiration to all of us!
Travis Perkins Group PLC

Since 2010 he has been on the road to recovery, helping himself to heal physically and emotionally through seeking new challenges and proving that a determined mind can break down most barriers. He finished the Devizes to Westminster Kayak Race in 2012 to prove his point, and was awarded the Gluckstein Trophy for his endeavour.

During his time in service he specialised as a Mountain Leader, on a nine month course which is considered the most demanding that the UK military has to offer.

Jon grew up amongst the Royal Marines, his father served for 25 years and Jon was persuaded to attempt Direct Entry as a Commissioned Officer at the age of 17. Although initially unsuccessful, his reapplication was approved and he embarked on the Royal Marines Young Officer Training in 2002 on one of the finest leadership training establishments in the world. The training is tough: it engenders values and standards that set the graduates up for success through the rest of their lives in the military and civilian worlds.

Jon graduated and completed several tours as a Troop Commander and Company Second-in-Command before specialising as a Mountain Leader.

Jon runs leadership workshops which he bases on his experiences as a 20-year-old given first command of 30 Royal Marines.  He realised immediately that his rank and position were insignificant in terms of leadership.  It was imperative that he found ways of earning the respect of his team – which transpired to be simple but hard work. He had to set the example, and to behave as he hoped they would. For his book, Who Leaders Lead, Jon interviewed high level leaders from across the Globe and from different disciplines, including Kofi Annan, Steve Waugh the former Australian cricket captain and General Philip Breedlove USAF.

His primary leadership topics include:

  • Maximising the use of the corporate brain
  • Servant leadership
  • Motivating teams
  • Situational Analysis
  • Resilience

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