Paul Rose

Former Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society Paul Rose is an adventurer, television presenter, and broadcaster. Through his work and adventures he demystifies complex subjects, and lends his intelligent and analytical mind and experience to supporting the understanding and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity. His combination of knowledge and professional experience make Paul Rose an in demand keynote speaker. 

A prolific TV presenter, experienced diver and polar expert, Paul Rose is at the cutting-edge  of nature exploration. He was the Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, and his successful and challenging career has taken him on global explorations, science support trips and mountaineering and diving missions.

Paul’s lifelong passion and deep understanding of nature has taken him in front of camera on many TV wildlife programmes and news reporting slots, including for BBC News and Sky News, and the BBC Human Planet Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

Your talk was both entertaining and inspirational and enjoyed immensely by all.
Geographical Magazine.

He is the expedition leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas expeditions. He also heads up a consultancy service to advise businesses in aligning their goals with global sustainability issues.

Through his work and adventures he demystifies complex subjects, and lends his intelligent and analytical mind and experience to supporting the understanding and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Paul was in charge of the Rothera Research Station in Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey for 10 years and was subsequently awarded The Queen's Polar Medal.

He has also worked for NASA on the Mars Lander project, and his work was lauded and garnered him the US Polar Medal, as well as the The Royal Geographical Society’s award ‘For the popularisation of Geography and the wider understanding of our world’.

One of Paul’s greatest passions and areas of expertise is diving. He ran the US Navy diver training programme at Great Lakes Naval Training Centre and has trained many emergency response dive teams including the Police, Fire Department and Underwater Recovery Teams.

As Vice President and Chair of Expeditions and Fieldwork Division at the Royal Geographical Society, Paul led a mission in the Greenland Icecap crossing, and has worked as a Mountain Safety consultant to the oil industry in the Middle East, as well as advising and providing operational support to expeditions, charities & businesses.

He has published many books including the best-selling Oceans, and has written numerous magazine articles. He also contributed to a book on Great Explorers.

He is also a popular voice, having done broadcasting work for BBC World Service, Radio 4’s You and Yours and US National Radio to name but a few. Paul’s voice was the one used for the official recording of Captain Scott’s diaries for the British Library.

Paul is an Honorary fellow at the University of Cumbria and was awarded The Ness award by the Royal Geographical Society for the popularisation of Geography and wider understanding of our world. Paul can also add the fact a mountain has been named after him in the Antarctica to his repertoire of accomplishments.

An accomplished wildlife explorer, presenter and speaker, Paul makes complex subjects simple and helps to make nature’s global mysteries accessible to a wider audience. 

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What people said about Paul Rose

Just wanted you to know that I thought your lecture was cracking. Incredible! Inspirational! What a treat.
British Schools Exploring Society
I think back on your presentation and the passion and enthusiasm, and am reminded of the importance of our work and reinvigorated.
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
The feedback, for your input was excellent. It seemed you created lots of happy people!
University of York
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