Steve Cunningham

When Steve Cunningham speaks at a conference or event, "even the most hard bitten of audiences find it tough to disguise a watery eye or lump in the throat". Steve’s emotional and motivational story teaches listeners to abandon negative thinking. Overcoming insurmountable problems and persevering through the impossible in his own lifetime allows Steve to impart inspirational wisdom to his audiences.  

Steve Cunningham is an international motivational speaker, conference speaker and after dinner speaker. He has been totally blind from the age of 12, but has never allowed his disability to define or restrict him. Steve is a witty, articulate and passionate man who tells it how it is, and does not suffer fools gladly.

The world disappeared from his view one sunny day, as the green and picturesque Malvern Hills became shrouded in a sinister, creeping grey mist. Confused and very lonely, Steve found himself totally, and irreversibly, blind. He was 12 years old.

Thank you for making my colleagues realise that anything is possible with the right belief and mind set
Sanderson Group PLC

Sport has always been Steve’s passion, and when his aspirations of becoming a professional footballer with his beloved Aston Villa were dashed, he simply amended his dream, adjusted his talent and went on to captain the England Blind Football team, become a member of the England Blind Cricket Eleven and play to a golfing handicap of 24.

Steve then broke the 100m World Junior Blind sprint title.

Steve had a dream to drive fast cars, so took to the wheel and powered to a new world blind land speed record. He then set new onshore and offshore powerboat records. Holding records on land and sea, Steve then took to the air, and found international media fame as the world’s first blind pilot.

As a motivator he is second to none, giving a complete insight into his own personal achievements thus providing a new perspective for others, and inspiring real change and determination.

Steve’s services as a motivational speaker are in high demand – England’s Rugby team, Wasp RFC, England Cricket Team, Bolton Wanderers FC are just a sample of the sporting bodies who have used Steve in enforcing the “together a team doctrine”.

But breaking records is easier than breaking those barriers we set ourselves, and his deeply-moving story takes audiences on his journey from despair to success. The audience will learn that anyone can break barriers; that the path to true success is in our minds, and not our ability or environment.

A humorous, entertaining and painfully-honest speaker, he makes audiences laugh and cry. A genuine man, Steve sees no disability in his total lack of sight, but takes pride in sharing a true vision which many sighted people fail to recognise, leaving the audience motivated and inspired to achieve their own potential.

Speaking Topics

Totally blind from the age of 12, and an international sportsman, Steve Cunningham is a motivational speaker of the highest calibre.

  • Motivation
  • Sport
  • Inspirational

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What people said about Steve Cunningham

You have never yet let me down. We cannot wait to put your thoughts into practice. You inspire through your courage and personality.
MCA Directors Ltd
You made us look at our lives in a totally different light. Our guests were impressed by a very impressive man.
Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
We are delighted that Steve was recommended to us and in turn would pass on our recommendation to any company.
SCA Foam Products
I very much enjoyed your talk, which was both inspirational and very funny. The feedback has been universally excellent.
Associated Independent Stores Ltd
Steve provided us with an inspirational message, and a thrilling view of how to make things happen, against all odds.
Automotive Distribution Federation
You know exactly how you will achieve all of your goals. You lift others to levels they previously thought were unattainable.
Benetton F1
Your candid presentation was the talk of the company for a good while. Its amazing what you can do when you decide you wanted to do it.
I can honestly say that nobody has inspired me in the same way as Steve Cunningham. He is a hero in every sense of the word.
Geoff Hurst
We thought he was a friendly, funny and very inspiring in his achievements and how he shared them with the audience.
Easy to listen too and very entertaining.
RotoMetrics International
One of the most engaging speakers that I have had the pleasure of listening to. He captivated the audience with his life story!
Starbucks Coffee Company
An incredibly inspirational and natural born presenter. His presentation was polished we enjoyed his anecdotes and video content.
Virgin Money
Steve was a great guy, really enthusiastic and accommodating and his story is simply so inspiring you can't not be impressed by it.
British Swimming
Steve is a fantastic speaker with an inspiring story and excellent delivery.
WWP Group
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