Tim Harford

Tim Harford writes a column in the Financial Times, and presented the BBC’s Trust Me I'm An Economist. He is a charismatic keynote speaker, and spoke at TED Global. Tim is an accomplished business economist and adept in behavioural economics. Tim’s management skills and respected leadership history means is an engaging keynote speaker. 

Tim Harford is a senior columnist for the Financial Times, the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s More or Less, and a compelling keynote speaker on economics, management and psychology.

His long-running Financial Times column, ‘The Undercover Economist’, reveals the economic ideas behind every day experiences. The only economist in the world to write a problem-page, he employs the latest theory to resolve readers' personal issues, tongue-in-cheek. He also writes op-eds, interviews and long feature articles for newspaper.

Everybody loved your talk.
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As a broadcaster, Tim has presented television and radio series for the BBC, most famously ‘More or Less’ on Radio 4. His other Radio 4 series, which launched early in 2013, is called ‘Pop Up Ideas’.

Tim uses economics to demonstrate new angles to business problems. In his presentations he argues that, in order to understand how disappointing recent technology is (and how much promise it holds out), one needs to look back to previous real and imagined revolutions where demography, economics, organisational behaviour and psychology are all vital factors. He is a firm believer in learning from history and in Winston Churchill's words: 'the further backward you look, the further forward you can see.'

For many business groups, he has created scenarios that act as a forum for conflict resolution, a tool for open communication and a framework for understanding the present at least as much as the future. For Shell, Tim developed regional scenarios which offer an insight into political and economic trends across the world.

He has spoken at TED Global 2011—where he discussed successful complex systems built through trial and error—as well as PopTech and Sydney Opera House, and he is a visiting fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford.

A successful author, Tim’s first book ‘The Undercover Economist’ has sold one million copies worldwide in almost 30 languages. Since then, he has published ‘The Logic of Life’, ‘Dear Undercover Economist’, ‘Adapt’, ‘The Undercover Economist Strikes Back’ and ‘Messy’.

He was named Economics Commentator of the Year 2014, he won the Royal Statistical Society journalistic excellence award 2015, and he was awarded the Society of Business Economists writing prize 2014-15.

His writing has been published by the leading magazines and newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, including Esquire, Forbes, Wired, New York Magazine, the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the Washington Post and the New York Times.

He was named one of the UK’s top 20 tweeters by The Independent, and was part of the BBC World Service team that won the AIB Radio Journalism award 2015.

Tim was also the first Peter Martin Fellow at the Financial Times, served as a member of the Financial Times editorial board from 2006-2009, and is a member of the Royal Economic Society council.

From examining politicians’ use of statistics to highlighting the necessity of failure to explaining what innovation is, Tim shares powerful new insights into finance and the economy, management, big data and data visualisation.

His speaking topics include:

- Make more mistakes

- Ideas that matter

- Preventing financial meltdown

- How to run (or ruin) an economy

- What can we learn from the war in Iraq?

- Do you believe in sharing?

- The Big Data trap

- Misinformation is beautiful

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What people said about Tim Harford

He is charming, likeable, speaks very engagingly and clearly and offered some brilliant insights.
MGI Worldwide

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