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Zubin Damania

Dr. Zubin Damania combines the starkly contrasting worlds of medicine and rap, encouraging his audience to adopt his subversive modes of thinking. His professional blend of serious medical messages with humorous lyrics means he is a hit with the business audiences. The doctor's current cultural messages leave audiences inspired and entertained. 

Entrepreneur, doctor and rapper ‘ZDoggMD’ Zubin Damania wants to shake up healthcare with ideas as bold and personable as his satirical videos. As founder of Turntable health and the director of healthcare development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, Zubin has created an ambitious urban revitalization movement spearheaded by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh.

The project has invested $350 million in the revitalization of the inner city of Las Vegas, encompassing healthcare, small business development, education, housing and technology.

Dr. Zubin Damania combines his humanity, comedy and musical talents to communicate serious messages about health.
DotMED Conference

As a recipient of the Russell Lee Award for Clinical Teaching, Zubin’s 10-year hospital career at Stanford ran alongside his second career performing stand-up comedy for audiences across the world. His videos have accumulated over a million views, focusing on educating patients and providers and satirizing the worlds’ dysfunctional healthcare system.

In Las Vegas, Zubin has moved off the stage to effecting change by developing an innovative model of healthcare delivery that promotes wellness at the individual and community level.

Zubin inspires his audience with tales and lessons from his experience working in the medical field. He challenges businesses to examine their own industry and question whether it still works, and what the best way is to fix it.

He demonstrates to audiences how powerful the combination of passion, persistence and creativity can be.

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What people said about Zubin Damania

My members absolutely loved ZDoggMD as a keynote; he was the perfect mix of entertainment and inspiration!
American Medical Student Association
ZDogg was the perfect keynote for our inaugural users conference. He delivered the right mix of humor and healthcare.
Modernizing Medicine

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