Sustainable Architecture: Charlie Luxton, In Conversation With MD, Nick Gold

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Charlie Luxton | 20 July 2022

Charlie Luxton, a sustainable architect, writer, and television presenter, joined our MD, Nick Gold, for his latest episode of 'In Conversation With' to talk about sustainable architecture.  

For nearly two decades, Charlie has worked on television and radio programmes covering architectural restoration, global design and landmark buildings. He brings together his love for eco-friendly design and expertise in the field of sustainable building in multiple successful projects such as Building the Dream and Home by the Sea, Zoomorphic, an exhibition for the V&A, and Electric Storm, and a 3-month renewable energy event on the South Bank in London.

Charlie brought us here the latest updates about the theme of sustainability in architecture and designs. In many of the projects Charlie has worked on, he and his team always aim for a more cost-effective and sustainable system, and they would try to get as profoundly sustainable as possible.

The good news is that people understand that buildings need to use energy while running, and we are trying to cut down and reuse the fuel we use. On the other hand, the bad news is we still have a lot of work to do with embodied energy to achieve more sustainable designs.

 In this conversation with Nick, Charlie also mentioned existing building stock is another big problem that needed a long-term solution since houses, buildings and infrastructures today would still stand in 2050.

Charlie said we should carefully consider every time we purchase anything to build a more sustainable system and environment around us. We should think about 'Do I need it?' and 'Could I buy less and more sustainably?'

This was such an enlightening conversation about another perspective of sustainability. Charlie's sharing in this video might make us think twice about what we can do more for the planet.  

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