"There's a better way that's way more fun!" - Natalie Fee, In Conversation With MD, Nick Gold

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Natalie Fee | 10 July 2023

In this episode of 'In Conversation with', Founder of the non-profit organisation City to Sea, Natalie Fee, spoke with our MD, Nick Gold on making small changes to better help the planet, along with where we are on saving the world! 

Natalie's on a mission to inspire audiences and educate them on understanding the environmental issues we're facing today, one member at a time, to change the world.

She founded City to Sea in 2015, which is now the UK's fastest growing non-profit organisation, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at the source. Now having won multiple awards, gaining international exposure and most importantly, preventing thousands of tonnes of plastic at source every year from reaching our oceans, her mission is working!

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