Reggie Yates

Actor, writer, director and broadcaster, Reggie Yates is a versatile talent, continually cropping up on our TV screens. Hosting The Voice, Top of the Pops and many of his own documentaries, Reggie is both a brilliant presenter for media and live events.

C: £5K - £10K

Documentary maker, writer, broadcaster, actor and director, Reggie is no stranger to our screens and his offering is incredibly varied. He comes with an impressive CV that ranges from primetime TV host to Radio 1 presenter and has even won awards for his documentaries, proving he is well recognised for his talents.

In the last seven years, Reggie has become synonymous with critically acclaimed documentaries which have aired on BBC and Netflix, including Extreme Russia, for which Reggie was awarded Best Presenter for the Royal Television Society Awards.

He’s also launched a youth initiative called Pass The Mic which aims to provide the education, network, and support needed to help underprivileged creatives, giving them a pathway into the film and television industry.

Aside hosting award ceremonies such as the Young Arrows Awards Ceremony 2022 and the BT Consumer Live 2021, Reggie is an excellent speaker on a range of topics but particularly excels at driving awareness and engagement around key issues facing the world and our communities. He is passionate about improving black visibility in companies and has spoken at Natwest & Google’s Black History Month events, highlighting the importance of retaining black talent. Reggie is a thoughtful, honest and articulate individual who can bring a wealth of knowledge to your workplace.

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