Event Tips 10 Inspirational Stories To Help You Deliver Excellent Customer Service

10 Inspirational Stories To Help You Deliver Excellent Customer Service

For a history graduate I’m always looking forward – tomorrow never dies right?

As Warren Buffet once said, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." When we think about our experiences with brands, we often concentrate on the times when customer service doesn't meet our expectations, at which point we question our loyalty.

We believe all companies, big and small, understand the importance of customer service. But often, we sometimes need a little helping hand to point us in the right direction, or take inspiration from the many successful stories across the world.

The pandemic has changed how consumers buy and interact with brands, and placed new challenges for businesses to deliver excellent customer service. With this in mind, we're delighted to share 10 inspirational stories from speakers we work with who have a proven track record in inspiring audiences to think deeply about the ways in which they interact with their customers.

Linda Moir


The overarching memory of the London 2012 Olympic Games was the impact the Games Makers made on the spectators. At the helm of the 2012 dream team was Linda Moir, a HR and customer service expert, who was previously responsible for Virgin Atlantic's award winning In Flight Services, where she made 'flying fun' With a focus on making the little details count, Linda shares an inspiring model of performance delivered through people.

Andrew McMillan 


The driving force behind the legendary customer service at John Lewis, which now defines its success, was Andrew McMillan. It's fair to say Andrew's passion for customer service runs deep, where he revolutionised the attitude of 20,000 customer-facing partners and enabling the entire team to place the customer first.  

Kate Hardcastle


Kate Hardcastle MBE, a.k.a. The Customer Whisperer is the UK’s leading ‘go-to’ business expert on consumer insight for National TV & Media. Kate's work is respected globally, projects have included the successful turnaround of ailing retail brands & shopping centre, the creation of powerful consumer brands & consultant to oversee business redevelopment, restructure & takeovers, which makes her a popular and in-demand keynote speaker. 

Peter Avis


If you're looking from someone who has been there and done it all, then Peter Avis would be a good bet. Having worked his way up from dishwasher to UK Restaurant Manager of the Year, Peter shares his experiences working directly for Virgin Group Chief, Sir Richard Branson, and passionately instills his love for customer service into his audience.  

Alex Polizzi


Best known for being The Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi is highly regarded as a bastion of customer excellence across the travel industry. Hailing from a long line of hoteliers, Alex helps audiences understand where they might be going wrong, and how to turn those mistakes into success. 

Sir Stuart Hampson


The former Chairman of John Lewis, Sir Stuart Hampson currently oversees a £6billion property portfolio as chair of The Crown Estate. A vastly experienced blue-chip leader, Sir Stuart's expertise on connecting customer service levels with employees makes him a speaker of the highest calibre. 

Louise Fowler


Louise Fowler revolutionized business travel by introducing the British Airways Executive Club, which featured beds on an aircraft for the first time. Propelling BA to the top of the travel industry, Louise has since moved into the finance sector and The Post Office to improve the customer journey. With over 25 years experience at the very top, Louise gives audiences the tools to successfully connect with the customers in the digital age.  

Tim Wade


The former marketing director charged with aligning brand values with customer experience at The Best Western hotel chain, Tim Wade is an internationally recognised expert on customer service. His consultancy, CX Lab, enables him to inspire audiences to remove pre-conceived barriers to the limits of customer excellence, and how in turn this enables a successful marketing strategy. 

Jo Fairley


In high demand on the corporate circuit is Jo Fairley, who gives audiences a true flavour of what it takes to make an organic chocolate have bigger sales than Marmite! The co-founder of Green & Black's, Jo's story links environmental and CSR issues with traditional marketing and branding messages in one fell swoop. 

Tim Dorsett


Tim Dorsett, in his role as Internal Communications Manager, has been at innocent for 7 years with one mission - to help people work better and go home happy. Tim delivers  unique story, not just how innocent went from 3 friend in a loft in west London to the company voted 3rd best to work for in the country in 2018, but how happy employees create happy customers. Tim leaves audiences in no doubt how you can be part of a successful and happy business. You can watch Tim in action when he spoke at the Speakers Corner Virtual Masterclass: Sales, Marketing and Communication in a Changing World

If that's wetted your appetite then we have a wider selection of customer service experts for you to review at your leisure.  

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