10 Leadership Speakers To Help Your Team Achieve Their True Potential

4 February 2022

There’s never been greater demand for strong leadership skills. From remote working to the impact of Brexit, businesses have had to adapt to huge changes in the workplace over the last couple of years. Good leaders are key to helping individuals, teams, and entire businesses embrace change, adapt, and succeed.

In the modern world of work, leadership is about more than a commanding voice. Empathy, confidence, vulnerability: these are just some of the traits needed to be a successful leader who can get the best from their teams. But great leaders aren’t born; they’re made. So how can you cultivate a strong leadership mindset in your staff?

Hiring a leadership speaker is a great way to motivate the budding leaders in your business, and reinvigorate your leadership team with new ideas. 

Our friendly team of experts have pulled together a few of their recommended speakers who have helped others realise their leadership potential.

Dame Inga Beale

Dame Inga Beale knows about glass ceilings. As the first female CEO of Lloyd’s bank, she’s broken down barriers to increase female representation in C-suite positions across the world. Inga has overseen massive corporate cultural and technological change at her firms, so she speaks with passion about why leaders should accept and embrace change. 

As a patron of Insuring Women’s Futures, she’s particularly interested in promoting female leadership, so she’s a fantastic choice for female-led brands, or those looking to increase the number of women in leadership roles.

Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless has coached all kinds of teams — from Olympic athletes to global conglomerates. As a result, he knows what it takes to get greatness from your team members. He also has a knack for testing out his frameworks in wild settings, from the racecourse to the depths of the ocean, giving him awe-inspiring stories to illustrate his points. 

Jim’s expertise in changing mindsets and doing the seemingly-impossible will transform the way any team thinks about their goals.

Karen Blackett OBE

Karen Blackett has a track record of leading large companies to enormous success. As CEO of MediaCom UK, she headed up a period of sustained growth and marketing success while championing and implementing more diversity in management positions. 

If diversity is a priority for your business, Karen speaks passionately about the importance of having a wide range of voices in the leadership team of your organisation.

Timothy Bradshaw

Timothy Bradshaw has run the full gamut of human experience. He’s climbed Mount Everest, served as an undercover intelligence officer, and overcome mental health challenges including anxiety and depression. As a result, his speaking sessions are full of empathy, inspiration, and practical tips for applying your skills in everyday situations. 

A true leader by example, Timothy is a fantastic speaker who’s sure to inspire any leadership group.

Dame Stella Rimmington

James Bond, eat your heart out. Dame Stella Rimmington is the former director of MI5, and her speaking sessions include breathtaking stories from her time at the helm of the Security Service. An advocate for openness and inclusion, Stella helps people understand how to become better leaders, even in risky, unpredictable landscapes. 

With many businesses still navigating the pandemic fallout, Stella’s expertise is invaluable for helping leaders manage risk and uncertainty.

John Amaechi OBE

As an organisational psychologist and former NBA star, John Amaechi has the real-world experience to create truly transformative leaders. By promoting excellent communication and strong company culture, John coaches people to become fantastic leaders — creating thriving teams and successful businesses. 

From NBA to OBE, John draws on his unique life experiences to create a captivating experience for your audience.

Nicky Moffatt

Having spent 27 years rising through the ranks of the army, Nicky Moffat now runs What Good Leadership Looks Like. Nicky’s organisation helps people realise their leadership potential, no matter where they are in their career. 

From junior employees to CEOs, Nicky shows people what they can do to create an inclusive culture that transforms businesses. Her practical techniques will inspire would-be leaders in companies everywhere to foster inclusivity and teamwork, contributing to serious business success.

Jamil Qureshi

Want to motivate your leadership team to aim higher? Jamil Qureshi is a world-renowned psychologist who specialises in helping people reach peak performance. He’s worked with everyone from Ryder Cup winners to Premier League football teams to NASA astronauts, so he knows how to help people get results. 

Jamil is the ideal speaker for any business that wants to inspire its staff to fulfil and exceed their potential.

Penny Mallory

Leadership isn’t just about helping others reach their potential. It’s also about building your own resilience and mental stamina — which is where Penny Mallory comes in. 

From being homeless as a teenager to becoming the first woman to drive a World Rally Car, Penny knows what it takes to overcome all kinds of hurdles and make things happen. Her speaking sessions are renowned for being entertaining and truly authentic, so she’s sure to enrich your leadership team with her captivating stories.

Brendan Hall

Your team may not be the fastest or the most technically gifted — but with the right leadership and attitude, they can still be the best. Brendan Hall is testament to this. Having led his team to victory in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Brendan shares the story of how cultivating a positive, change-embracing mindset helped them accomplish this. Brendan’s inspiring story is sure to give your leadership team the motivation they need to come together and achieve more.

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