Interview An Interview With Barbara Cassani

An Interview With Barbara Cassani

Well known as CEO of low cost airline 'Go' and for her involvement in the London Olympic 2012 bid, Barbara is an inspirational speaker.

What annoys you most professionally?

I don’t like leaders who talk a good game but then never do much. Taking decisive action takes bravery that is sadly lacking in many boardrooms today.

Can you remember your first speaking engagement?

Not really. I have been speaking to large groups since I was in large sales force management in the 1980s. I began outside speaking when I started-up the airline, Go. In fact the first ever Christmas party at Go was funded by an external speaking engagement.

What was the last event you spoke at?

A large industry body conference for management of colleges, a small dinner for senior executives and a FTSE 25 company’s talented young executive program.

Which event has been your favourite and why?

I enjoyed the 100 or so speeches that I did as Chairman/Vice-Chairman of the London 2012 Olympic Bid because I was speaking to build support and understanding across the country of the benefits of hosting the Games.

Why should an organiser hire you to speak at their event?

I draw from my professional experience to talk about leadership, innovation and the practicalities of taking risks and managing people to make things happen. My aim is to use humour to convey serious ideas and to inspire every person listening to my speech to leave and try something different when he/she returns to the office.

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