Take Flight with Experts from the World of Aviation

8 April 2019

Flying in an plane can be both an exhilarating yet daunting experience for many. Personally, the thrill of take-off and landing has to be my favourite part of the journey, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to run an airline in a fiercely competitive industry.

This of course requires an elite leader, an individual who can motivate 100s of employees, oversee brand positioning, manage evolving customer demand, stay ahead of the competition and bring all business functions together to drive revenue growth.

So, quicker than a stroll through departures, let’s fly into this group of global aviation experts …

Let’s kick off with  Tony Anderson , who drove EasyJet from a start-up to one of Europe’s biggest and most recognisable airlines. Tony shares his business success and failures intertwined with the inside scoop on how EasyJet led to conquer the industry. Named as one of UK’s top names in marketing, he is one who will fill up your notebook!

Next up is the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, Steve Ridgway , who was instrumental in helping the airline grow from two 747s, to a 40+ fleet successfully completing journeys for over six million passengers each year. Turning over profits exceeding £3 billion, he is a leading industry voice continuing to inspire and innovate through the tough economic climate.

Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros ’ has extensive and prolific business experience stemming from many high-profile jobs including Sales Director and Vice-President of the National Institute of Industry in Spain, President of Iberia and Aviaco airlines and member of the Board of Directors of the International Air Transport Association. An expert in strategy and execution, economic policy, leadership and sustainable development, Carlos has a wealth of incredible knowledge that you’ll be keen to soak up.

A brilliant leader and a true inspiration when it comes to her management style, Barbara Cassani  encourages delegates to dare to be different! After starting her career at British Airways, she then founded the low-cost airline Go, turning it from an investment start-up to a profitable airline in less than 3 years, resulting it selling it to EasyJet for £374m. Wow!

Alongside Barbara, David Magliano  was one of the founders of low-cost airline Go where as Sales and Marketing Director he was responsible from building the airlines value from £100m to £400m in only 9 months. With the same job title, he also led 400 people at EasyJet with a budget of £60m across 13 European countries, helping to bring in over £1b in revenue. An expert in the marketing world, he covers topic including advertising, e-commerce, and PR to name a few.

Dave Bryon  is the entrepreneurial mind behind BMI-Baby, evolving it from a low-cost airline to a giant corporation. Offering audiences a window into the world of aviation rarely seen by the outside world, he combines humour with critical branding, creative marketing and incredible customer service making him a sought out business speaker.

If you’re after some deep insight into the  incredible value a successful workplace culture, can bring, then Jason Young is one to look out for. Jason created and developed Southwest Airlines innovative training programs for leadership and customer service. Jason’s breadth of knowledge and expertise that many companies could benefit from today.

An expert on the fast-growing market in India and South-East Asia, Tony Fernandes is one of the founders of Tune Air Sdn Bhd with a vision to democratise air travel and free it from the clutches of the elite. By offering low fares and high quality they started with two planes, one destination (Pulau Langkawi) and a staff of 250. The airline, together with Indonesian and Thai affiliates, now operates 82 new Airbus A320s and flies to more than 65 destinations in Asia from hubs in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Starting his career in the airline industry with British Airways, Shaun Smith became Head of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Training worldwide as the airline was becoming privatised. Later moving to Hong Kong as Managing Director of Cathay Performa Consulting (a subsidiary of The Swire Group) where he led a team, consulting with major organisations throughout Asia in the area of service strategy, he is an exceptionally knowledgeable speaker and one to look out for!

Achieving success in the cut-throat aviation world, where safety is king, has created a demand greater than the rush for January sale flights from organisations eager to tap into this wealth of knowledge.

If your company is in need of that extra push to fly above the clouds, then this selection of speakers are worth seeing. And just like the take-off and landing, you will leave with the exhilaration and anticipation to put your sky-high plans into action!

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