News External speakers are now being used to upskill teams in this virtual world

External speakers are now being used to upskill teams in this virtual world

As Managing Director of Speakers Corner and Speaking Office and President of The IASB, I am so lucky that my job and passion are one and the same. I have always aspired to ensure our clients secure the best speaker, presenter or host for their events or conferences.

For any individual mapping out their career path, one of the critical requirements which will factor into their decision about their job and plans is what level of training and personal development will they receive so they can learn, progress and develop their skills. The usual baseline for training is based on historical programs and education that has been refined and improved over time through usage and feedback.

But the world of work is in unprecedent times. How we work, where we work and how we interact with each other is changing at a speed that is unsurpassed in modern times. Skills that were critical to organisations have been put on the backburner or made redundant in this virtual world while new skills, techniques and methodologies are being discovered and rapidly embedded within the core of any business.

This means that the maps and programs that have historically signposted and directed the path to learning no longer exists and individuals (and organisations) are having to find their own pathways.

We are effectively making baby steps in this new world but as the rate of change speeds up, so does our requirement to take these steps quickly and learn as we are going. This requires self-empowerment and the ability to embrace non-linear pathways to upskill. We need to accept that the way to learn is to make mistakes and learn from them, that there is no safe defined path as everyone is learning together and starting from a level playing field.

To help us on this journey we are seeking individuals who can lay out ideas, who can share experiences and who use a mix of evidence with emotional engagement in order to allow each one of us to find our own learning path.

Having worked in the speaker industry for many years, one of the most impressive changes I have seen from speakers is a learning and an understanding that while they might appear to be the ‘stars of the show’ actually, it is the audience or the delegates who are the stars. There is no point in a speaker telling their story, if while the delegates are energised in the moment, the following day, once the energy of the session has left them, there is nothing left but the memories.

This shift in emphasis from the focus on the performance and the immediate impact to the long lasting impact, question raising and behavioural impact that a speaker and their speech can have on an audience has seen a significant shift in the purpose of hosting a speaker for any event on conference.

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