Kate Humble Presents Spicy BBC 2 Series

18 February 2011

Kate Humble  retraces the steps of 15th-century explorers as she goes on the trail of some of the world's most valuable spices, examining their history, trade, mythology and usage. In the first episode, she travels to India's ‘spice coast’, uncovering the story of pepper before heading south to Sri Lanka to observe the harvesting of cinnamon.

The three-part series, The Spice Trail, sees Kate travelling to Mexico, Spain, the Middle East, India, and Indonesia to the remote Banda Islands, to explore the history of spices.

Kate’s broadcasting career includes presenting Animal Hospital and The Holiday Programme, Springwatch and Wild In Africa, and a handful of documentaries on her favourite subjects of nature and wildlife for the BBC.

She is also an intelligent and adept awards host and conference facilitator.

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