News Kate Thornton Ventures into Silicon Valley

Kate Thornton Ventures into Silicon Valley

Well-known television presenter Kate Thorton has taken on a new business venture which has led her to Silicon Valley. Launching a cashback website, Kate's venture is aimed specifically at women, and refunds you between five and fifteen percent for just shopping through them! 

As a working single-mother Kate is very used to shopping online for all of her daily essentials fo both her and her son Ben. Realising there was a trick to be learnt, and that other online users were saving money on their purchases, the former presenter put together her own website to jump on the trend. 

Kate is one of our many female speakers who have launched into tech entrepreneurialism. The venture has kept her and her team up to the early hours of the morning completing all manner of tasks from pitching to investors, to making sure everyone is caffeinated.

Still doing some radio presenting, Kate's tech venture is helping her prepare for her future. Not wanting to be out of the loop, the presenter is following the fast-moving trends and capitalising on them where she can. 

Kate feels women should love their bodies no matter what shape or size they are, so there will be no dieting products on the website, TBSeen went live earlier this year and has seen many women earn cashback on their purchases since. 


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