Some Of Our Favourite Speakers In October 2017

3 November 2017

Our clients often ask us who our favourite speakers are - so, as October has drawn to a close now, we’ve put together the speakers that we have loved last month.

The team here spend a lot of time going to see various speakers, and we have new speakers come into the office every week. So, from the in-house experts, here is a mix of the keynotes, comedians and hosts that we’ve been raving about for the last 31 days.

Lucy B , one of our Account Managers loved the Former Director of the Security Services (MI5) this month. Lucy said: “I saw  Stella Rimington  speak live and thought she was brilliant. She has amazing gravitas and told her fascinating story of working her way up the ranks, how she stands up for women’s rights and isn’t afraid to take on the same roles that men were considered for. She sets an example for how to challenge the status quo. Stella joined MI5 when espionage was the main concern: during her  leadership  this changed and terrorism became a major, growing international challenge, so she offered an interesting and personal perspective on how things have changed.” Helena , part of the  Logistics team  said: “I’ve worked with  Mark Durden-Smith  this month and he consistently has good feedback. He’s always happy to do detailed briefing calls, listens to the client, considers the brief and delivers on the day. He has a great personality and will happily hang out with clients, so that’s why I’m recommending him.”

Dan Germain speaking at our Knowledge Guild showcase in October

Verity, an Account Manager loved  Dan Germain , who was one of the  keynote  speakers for our showcase this month . She said “I really like the whimsicality of the innocent brand, so I was pleased to find that this playfulness really does pervade the company’s culture. You can tell that Dan is really passionate about innocent and his story of building a business from nothing and maintaining the company ethos despite its enormously fast growth is incredibly inspirational.”

Lucy M, our Content Manager, really enjoyed hearing from  Helen Fospero  when she came into the office this month. Lucy said Helen was: “Warm, professional and knowledgeable. Helen reports for BBC's The One Show and Watchdog. During her career in television broadcasting (preceded by newspaper journalism), she's been in the front-row seat at some of the most memorable moments in history, and her experience lends extra weight to the value she brings to clients. She is a safe pair of hands when it comes to  hosting or facilitating  events and building a strong connection with audiences.”

Helen Fospero in action hosting Matt  from our Logistics team really enjoyed going to see the comedian Ivo Graham this month. Matt said: "His show was really well written, and hilariously delivered in his own awkward manner. Ivo occasionally went off-script to engage with the audience which led to even more big laughs. His performance was rounded off with a video clip from a teenage appearance on The Weakest Link and had everyone in stitches. I would happily go and see him again." Debbie , one of our Account Managers, thought  Charlie Luxton  was great when she went to see him speak this month. Debbie commented that “Charlie is so engaging and has so much energy. His speech on renovations, new builds, extensions and insulations is absolutely fascinating and I learned so much! There are always so many questions for Charlie from the audience at the end of his speech, which shows how engaging he is! He also uses great, colourful slides and pictures to illustrate everything he is talking, which I find really useful.Anna, our Head of Logistics, says that Will Gompertz is her favourite speaker this month. After working with him, she said “on the  briefing call  we did with the client, he was really lovely, very knowledgeable, willing to share his thoughts and just so passionate about the topic of the event.  You can tell he’s really dedicated to the event and its audience.”

Sam Conniff being filmed in our office Dan , from our Accounts team really liked hearing from  Sam Conniff  when he visited us in the office. Dan thought Sam was a “really engaging speaker, who prides himself on putting good back into the world. Sam is a believer in the power of the youth, he got his messages across clearly and had a real ease about the way he speaks. Overall, he was an intelligent yet relatable speaker who I really enjoyed listening to.”

Thanks team for your expert opinions!

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