Speakers Corner Marks World Tourism Day

27 September 2018

Thursday 27th September is World Tourism Day and the Speakers Corner team has been enjoying the challenge of introducing our clients in the travel industry to speakers who break the mould and approach the subject from innovative angles. Our clients are continually encouraging us to push the boundaries by booking impactful speakers who will inspire their teams in an ever-evolving industry.

As well as booking speakers for travel clients, we are marking the occasion by participating in an outstanding industry event, inVOYAGE , chaired by our very own Nick Gold .

Practical futurist  Andrew Grill  will deliver the opening keynote at inVOYAGE, delivering his first-hand experience of digital transformation and the power of social media networks to help the inVOYAGE community take a step back and really see the opportunities presented to them in the new world of digital.

Team SC gets very excited by travel. Let’s face it, who doesn’t? It’s a subject that attracts endless office discussion and World Tourism Day was a brilliant incentive to get us all around the table to brainstorm about the sector. In order to serve our clients well, we’ve been exploring the most relevant topics and speakers who offer impact, practical take-aways and true industry insight.

Our clients are looking for speakers who can identify major changes in the industry and can focus on clever and effective innovation and leadership strategies to allow them to keep up with these changes. Speakers must address key messages around business turnaround and improving performance; pulling together as a team to achieve a mutual goal, prioritising and making changes.

We went back through our notebook to pick out common themes we hear from clients. They include key business themes, such as growth, improving profit margins, attracting and retaining key talent, alongisde a nod to the future, with globalisation and future transport methods, behavioural economics, social media and digital disruption hot topics too.

Some of our most popular travel speakers include journalist Simon Calder ; Mr. & Mrs. Smith founders  James  and Tamara LohanTony Anderson  who skyrocketed EasyJet to success and  Louise Fowler  who revolutionized business travel when she launched the British Airways Executive clubs and the first beds on planes.

So if you’ve built your own business whilst travelling the world, or if you work in the travel industry and are looking for industry insights and inventive strategies to ensure your organisation keeps up with the constant and exciting change, call us for a chat. We know the best speakers around and we are passionate about travel – a winning combination.

Bon Voyage!

For further information or to book a speaker, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070  or email  info@speakerscorner.co.uk .

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