Celine Cousteau

Granddaughter of legendary adventurer Jacques Cousteau, Celine Cousteau is founder of the non-profit CauseCentric Productions and a member of the Ocean Futures Society.

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Céline Cousteau, the daughter of ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau and granddaughter of legendary explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, is an adventurer in her own right. An explorer both above and below the sea, she is constantly traversing the world, taking part in new experiences and sharing her love of the Earth with people around the globe. Her past role in the Ocean Futures Society has helped draw the organization recognition in Europe and raise awareness for the Cousteau mission of protecting the sea and its treasures.

As the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization CauseCentric Productions, she collaborates with other non-profits and individuals to increase their worldwide exposure through short documentaries about their work. Cousteau has also worked as field producer, on-camera presenter, and photographer on TV documentaries, including PBS's Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures, CBS's Mind of a Demon, and the Discovery Channel's Mysteries of the Shark Coast. She also co-hosted a 12-part documentary series produced by the Chilean-based NuevoEspacio Producciones, called Oceano: Chile Frente al Mar.

Ms. Cousteau's current major work is a multimedia project, documentary, and engagement campaign Tribes on the Edgebased on the many tribes of the Vale do Javari indigenous territory that she has worked with in the Brazilian Amazon.

As one of the premier environmental speakers in the industry, Cousteau brings wit, wisdom, and insight, showing all audiences why the Earth and its unique ecosystems deserve every citizen's respect and attention.

Speech Topics

People and the Natural World: An Exploration of Connections
Environmental speaker Céline Cousteau travels the world, studying the intersection of nature and culture. From the jungles of the Amazon to remote islands near the Arctic, people have always maintained strong connections with the world around them. Cousteau reveals how our cultures and the plants and animals that surround us are all interconnected, showing that protection of the environment is also protection for our diverse cultures.

Inspiration from Exploration: Notes from the Field
Explorer Céline Cousteau tells stories from her many explorations forging her own trail on unique solo expeditions. Sharing her unique personal photographs, she captivates audiences with her incredible voyages into the deep.

Working for Change: How Nonprofits Are Shaping Tomorrow
Nonprofit organizations are integral to the continued success of exploration, science, and discovery. Working with several major nonprofits, including the Nature Conservancy and Amazon Promise, has made professional speaker Céline Cousteau's projects - and making a difference - possible. Emphasizing the importance of nonprofit organizations, Cousteau demonstrates how they do good around the world.

On Being a Woman in the Field
Scientific research and exploration is typically considered a male field. Céline Cousteau has broken ground and become a successful explorer both above and below the sea. She shares stories of her groundbreaking career, encouraging women to find their passion and stick with to it, regardless of the obstacles in their way.

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