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David Fishwick is the Burnley van and minibus dealer who made policy-makers, industry regulators and multinational banks sit up and take notice. The star of Channel 4's ‘The Bank of Dave’ has torn up the rule book and generated huge media and popular interest. An expert on entrepreneurship, business and finance, he shares the story behind taking on a seemingly impossible challenge, offering valuable lessons for businesses big and small.

B: £10K - £15K

A self-made millionaire and the star of Channel 4’s ‘Bank Of Dave’, David Fishwick is an expert on entrepreneurship , business and finance , and has become a recognisable face on TV screens in the UK.

In presentations, he talks passionately about entrepreneurial zeal and what made him take on a seemingly insurmountable challenge resonating lessons for businesses both big and small.

He first came to the attention of the British public on 'Bank Of Dave' - an observational series that saw him embark on a mission to create his own bank and send it into profit in 180 days to demonstrate that there are alternatives to the current banking system.

From a starting point of minimal banking knowledge, David figured that he couldn’t do much worse that the top high street banks – and “by hook or by crook I’ll get this bank open with sheer Northern Grit and determination." And he did - with his own cash, without taking big salaries or bonuses, and with the intention of giving all profits to charities.

His business model was based on the concept of lending money to small businesses who were struggling to secure financial help from the major banks – offering them not only money but also old-fashioned practical advice.

David’s next television programme, ‘Dave: Loan Ranger’ tackled payday lenders and the dangerous and debilitating debt spirals individuals can find themselves in when using them.

In 2017, David returned to our screens in 'Dave's Guide to Spending Money' where he delved into what goods and services we spend our money on and are they worth it?

As well as his BAFTA-winning consumer rights programmes, David is known for his hugely successful namesake minibus supplier company.

Determination and ambition propelled David to the top of the business game, even though he left school at 16 with no qualifications.

Buying and selling cars to help make ends meet, he persuaded a garage owner to hand over a part-exchange car, which he did up and sold on, and gave the garage owner £70. When the car was in perfect condition, he sold it for £97.

Now the owner of David Fishwick Van and Minibus Sales Business, his venture is the biggest minibus supply company in Britain, offering quick and affordable customised minibuses, and has a multi-million pound turnover.

David also set up a property portfolio and has a vehicle parts business that provides commercial vehicle parts and sells them across the world.

His book ‘Bank Of Dave’ appeared on the Sunday Times Business bestseller list.

He holds a pilot’s license to fly both planes and helicopters and regularly takes to the skies above his native Lancashire.

David is also a big supporter of community sport. His company is a major sponsor of Championship club Burnley FC and backs several community-based teams and young sports persons in Lancashire.

As a keynote speaker, David inspires audiences with his incredible story,and charming persona.

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