David Rose

CEO at Vitality, David Rose is one of the world’s leading experts on ‘The Internet of Things’. Pioneering the changing face of the internet, David is a serial entrepreneur, teacher and researcher at the MIT Media Lab. His expertise in the field of technology and specialist intelligence make David well placed to speak on entrepreneurialism, business and technology.

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Pioneer of the digital revolution, an instructor of the MIT Lab and influential author, David Rose is a major speaker on The Internet of Things. CEO of Ditto Labs, widely recognised and internationally lauded, David’s work has been featured at the MoMA in New York City, and covered in Wired and The Economist. An engaging keynote speaker, David brings our future into the present day.

As one of the world’s leading experts on The Internet of Things, through all his work and research David aims to continually looks to future, anticipating our needs and helping revolutionary ideas come into fruition.

Before his role as CEO of Ditto Labs, a ground-breaking visual recognition engine, he was the founding CEO of Vitality, a company that reinvented medication packaging and he was also the founder of Ambient Devices, which embedded internet information in objects such as lamps, mirrors, and umbrellas.

David’s field of work has led him to discover how tech can change society as we know it. Through working on evolving technologies David is considered an expert in the latest gadgets and future developments.

Through his highly acclaimed publications and books, David has brought his research to a wider audience. At the forefront of pioneering user-friendly objects, he believes that the future will bring a profound change to our human experiences.

As a keynote speaker, David illuminates the opportunities in product innovation and design brought about by leaps forward in technology, covering areas such as future trends, entrepreneurs, and AI.

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