Hamish Pringle

Hamish Pringle is a marketing and branding expert who was Director General of the IPA for over ten years. During his agency career, Hamish worked on over fifty brands, giving him a true insight into a myriad of different industries, making Hamish able to tailor his speech to his audience, and deliver real lessons on understanding and amplifying your brand

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Hamish Pringle is an expert in the development and stewardship of corporate, product and service brands.  After ten years as Director General of the IPA, Hamish is a charismatic keynote speaker  who uses his experience to impart crucial branding expertise to corporate audiences.

During his 26-year agency career Hamish worked at ten UK advertising agencies for more than thirty companies on over fifty brands, so there are very few market sectors of which he doesn’t have direct personal experience. He’s therefore able to respond to a speaker brief from a position well up the ‘learning curve’ and prefers to tailor his presentations to the client’s specific context and business issues.

Hamish has recently been appointed Strategic Advisor to agency 23red, which was voted No. 1 Integrated Agency 2011 by Marketing Week/Pitch. He will be helping them develop their point of view on 'Great Good' and deepen their relationship with existing and prospective clients.

Since April 2011 he has been a Director and Council Member of the Advertising Standards Authority.

As IPA Director General, Hamish sat on a number of industry bodies including the Advertising Association, the Advertising Standards Boards of Finance and BARB (Broadcasters' Audience Research Board). He was also a Board member of the European Association of Communication Agencies and a past Chairman of its National Associations Council. This experience has given him a wide appreciation of the key issues facing the marketing, advertising, media and communications industry, and the challenges they present to companies.

Hamish co-authored ‘Brand Spirit’, ‘Brand Immortality’ and ‘Brand Manners’, and wrote ‘Celebrity Sells’.  His next publication is ‘Spending Advertising Money in the Digital Age’, co-authored with Jim Marshall.

Speaking Topics

Hamish Pringle, keynote speaker, has written five successful business books and can address with authority a wide range of topics.

  • how to use cause related marketing to build business
  • how to align the internal values of a company to its external brand
  • how to use celebrity to build a brand
  • how to maximise brand strategy depending on market life stage
  • how to spend advertising money in the digital age

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