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Founder of Me to We a social enterprise which empowers children through education across the world, Roxanne Joyal is an inspiring and motivational keynote speaker. Trained in International Law, Roxanne is responsible for corporate and family engagement at Me to We. She talks around empowering women, and how women change the world.

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Roxanne Joyal is an exceptional keynote speaker and motivational speaker, her experience lies mainly in charitable organisations and current affairs. She is a co-founder of the social enterprise, ‘Me to We’ and ‘Free the Children’ a charity that uses education to initiate children helping children around the world.

She graduated with distinction from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations. After achieving the Rhodes scholarship, Roxanne continued her studies at Oxford University where she studied law, mainly focusing on family and labour law.

Roxanne is a French Canadian whose passion for aid work began at a young age; her first experience was when she lived in a slum in Bangkok, Thailand for six months and looked after mothers and children affected by AIDS.

The ‘Free the Children’ charity that Roxanne co-founds has been a great success, it is active in countless different countries across the world and they have built several schools and school rooms which have offered education to hundreds of thousands of children every day.

At ‘Me to We’, her main responsibility is the corporate and family engagement. Roxanne hopes to make positive social change through the way we live, act and manage business.

Much of Roxanne’s time has been spent helping women in developing countries, such as Kenya, India and Equador. She set up ‘Me to We Artisans’, which helps women in ‘Free the Children’ countries by teaching them about financial literacy and employability.

Roxanne was chosen as one of the ‘Faces of the Future: 100 Young Canadians to Watch’ and in 2005 was chosen by the Women’s Executive Network’s Top 100: ‘Canada’s Most Powerful Women’. She is an accomplished speaker who has devoted her life to helping less fortunate others and her work thus far is inspirational.

Able to speak about empowerment, corporate social responsibility, education and the charity sector, Roxanne is a brilliant keynote speaker for engaging individuals and companies in global issues.

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