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Television broadcaster Siân Jones is a dynamic and charismatic conference facilitator and awards host. Her warm, energetic and upbeat style together with her professionalism and confidence will ensure your event flows smoothly and is memorable for all the right reasons!

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"Sian superb input as a facilitator was highly valued. She grasped the concepts discussed easily and added gravitas to the conference."

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Siân Jones is a  conference facilitator and  awards host of the highest calibre. As an intelligent and successful broadcaster she has a wealth of TV and radio experience, and her versatility, warmth and varied interests make  her the ideal choice for corporate events.

Siân has been a regular face on our screens for over two decades, as a news anchor for the ITV Morning News and GMTV, reading business news for Bloomberg and CNBC, sport for Sky News and Weather for 5.

In addition, she presented Property Pensions for the Overseas Property Channel, lifestyle shows for Granada and the Life Channel and a weekly round up of the latest news in the technology world for Tech City News.

Energetic, dynamic, and professional, Siân is hugely experienced in this arena making her the ideal choice to facilitate a range of events, from large-scale conferences to awards presentations. She combines an ability to put delegates at ease with her charismatic personality, stage presence, humour and energy. She is also a firm believer that one can never be too prepared – something that manifests itself in a willingness to immerse herself in the industry or profession prior to the event, working with you on overall vision, impact, scripts and content.

Siân also has an acting background, an invaluable asset whether she’s fronting a live TV show or large-scale conferences, linking presentations and facilitating panel discussions. Her wealth of experience in the corporate field extends to many sectors including pharmaceutical companies, technology, insurance, food and beverage, energy, charities and banks.

Siân is also a leading UK speaker coach, presentation skills, and media and communications consultant working with a huge array of clients ensuring confidence in the spotlight on camera, on stage and on line.

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For further information or to book Sian Jones please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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  • "Sian superb input as a facilitator was highly valued. She grasped the concepts discussed easily and added gravitas to the conference."
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