Blog 5 Top Tips For Improving Your Customer's Experience

5 Top Tips For Improving Your Customer's Experience

Linda Moir is an exceptional keynote speaker. From Virgin Atlantic’s award winning service to the exemplary front of house service at the London 2012’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, she has been responsible for famously outstanding operations in HR and customer service management.

Linda Moir is an exceptional keynote speaker whose experience lies in HR and customer service, she was the Director of In-Flight Services at Virgin Atlantic and was at the helm of the team that delivered famously outstanding service by 15,000 volunteer Games Makers to 9 million spectators at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Here she has given her 5 top tips for improving your customer’s experience...

There is lots of research which demonstrates that a happy customer is more likely to be a loyal customer. So how do you keep customers coming back and keep service consistently good.

  1. Be really clear about what are the basics your customers want and put your energy in making sure you nail them every time.  Fabulous food in a restaurant is no good if the loos are dirty so pay attention to the basics.
  2. Stay connected with your customers; do a shift on the ‘font line’ ask your staff what gets in their way in delivering consistently?  But don’t be an annoying suit who turns up and is a know it all – listen rather than tell!
  3. Once you are confident you have got the basics nailed think about what magic touches you can add for your customers. These don’t need to be expensive, ask the staff who works with customers for ideas for the low cost high value items that delight customers. Chocolate brownie samples on the counter of my favourite coffee shop does it for me!
  4. Take a walk in your customers shoes – how do you feel listening to 15 minutes of waiting music being told your call is important?  Consider the whole customer journey from first contact to the end of the experience is the journey joined up?
  5. Be honest when things go wrong – don’t be afraid of using the ‘S’ word – sorry is more authentic than ‘ Company X would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused’

As Warren Buffet said ‘it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to lose it’.

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