Blog Speakers Corner Connects Virtual Showcase Programme for 2021

Speakers Corner Connects Virtual Showcase Programme for 2021

For a history graduate I’m always looking forward – tomorrow never dies right?

The Speakers Corner Connects Showcase Series has been curated to show event organisers how the power of the spoken word can be delivered via a virtual platform during social distancing measures. It’s never been more important to be inspired by some of the greatest humans to have walked this planet.

Last year we organised over 10 incredible events (which you can view here) and we're excited to be able to share with you our exciting plans for 2021.

Each month will have a virtual showcase dedicated to a subject matter which will enhance our learning, skill development, career progression, and provide the inspiration to overcome whatever challenges this year has in store!

Every virtual showcase is free to attend - but we do have a maximum capacity of 500 attendees per event. We look forward to sharing some incredible moments with you in 2021!

Thursday 28th January at 3PM: International Women's Day Preview


International Women’s Day takes places every year on 8th March providing a moment to reflect on the progress made in the journey towards true parity between the sexes, while championing the success diversity brings across our lives.

The team at Speakers Corner felt there was no better place to start our 2021 virtual events programme than with a showcase dedicated to International Women’s Day. While we’ve seen an upward trend from businesses booking speakers for International Women’s Day over the years, while we continue to socially distance we felt it was important, now more than ever, to demonstrate the power of celebrating this important date online.

Hosted by Susannah Streeter, our speaker line-up is:

Ann Daniels became the first woman in history to ski to the North and South Poles as part of all female teams. With temperatures as low as -50C, Ann has completed over 10 polar expeditions, surviving 400+days on ice in the most inhospitable environments in the world.

With over 100 England caps and multiple domestic honours, footballer Eniola Aluko is one of the most recognisable female voices in the game. Eniola was the first ever female pundit to appear on Match of the Day in September 2014 and was a pundit for ITV during the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Helen Sharman OBE became the first British Astronaut when, in May 1991, she launched on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and spent 8 days orbiting the Earth, living and working on the MIR Space Station. Having been selected from over 13,000 applicants, Helen didn’t think she stood a chance of being chosen, but she was exactly the right person - calm, practical, friendly and professional.

Our host, Susannah Streeter, is a leading broadcaster and financial commentator who has anchored flagship BBC business news programmes on TV and radio during a 17-year career. Susannah also served a 10-year spell in the RAF Reserve, joining 7644 Squadron, a media operations unit, where she rose to the rank of Squadron Leader.


Thursday 18th February at 3PM: Speaking With Confidence 

The pandemic has created a revolution in how we communicate with our teams, peers, colleagues and customers. Our skill set is no longer refined to how we present ourselves in person but also the virtual world too.

Glossophobia, (the fear of public speaking), is incredibly common and can inhibit our chances of career progression by up to 15%. However this isn’t just restricted to public speaking, but it extends to the confidence employees have across all levels to raise their hands, put forward their ideas and articulate their views.

Building your teams presentation and communication creates an environment where confidence breeds success. Our MD Nick Gold, author of ‘Speaking With Confidence’, published by Penguin Business Experts, will host a fireside Q&A with 3 speakers discussing their story and why it’s vital businesses invest into their teams communications skills for this new normal.


Thursday 18th March at 3PM: Stress Awareness Month Preview 

While the pandemic has had a profound impact on the nation’s mental health, it’s also driven greater awareness of the illness through the mainstream media. We’re moving beyond the stigma and myths into a place where employers understand the critical role they have to play in protecting their employees health and wellbeing.

April is Stress Awareness Month, an annual event which has been taking place since 1992, driving public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic.

Ahead of Stress Awareness Month, we’ve invited 3 expert speakers, each with a story to tell, to help us understand how to identify the signs and find the help we need to combat stress in the workplace. We look forward to having you join us for one of the most important events we’ll organise this year.


Thursday 22nd April at 3PM: How Will We Live and Work Post-Pandemic

When our audience logs onto this virtual masterclass it’ll have more than a year since the first national lockdown was announced in the UK. The pandemic has created a seismic change in how we live and work, but as the vaccine rollout gathers pace, we’re now looking forwards with optimism.

The pandemic arrived during a period of global change. The UK has left the EU and there is a new US President, two big changes which will affect the business community we move into a post-pandemic world.

Our virtual masterclass will provide an opportunity for our audience to hear from three speakers, each with a different perspective, discussing the future of how we live and work. There are sure to be plenty of questions so make sure to stay to the end where our panel will convene for a Q&A session.


Thursday 20th May at 3PM: A year on from Black Lives Matter…what’s changed? 

By the time this virtual showcase takes place, it will have been almost been a year since the death of George Floyd sparked renewed Black Lives Matter protests across the globe. The protests sparked a wave of brands championing the merits of diversity, but 12 months on and with Pride taking place in June, it is the perfect time to discuss the progress made and the steps we need to take to reap the rewards of a truly diverse and inclusive society.

Our expert speaker line-up are going to tackle crucial issues, examining whether we’ve become a more tolerant and diverse world, have the promises made by brands been reflected within their boardrooms, and the impact the pandemic has had on diversity within society.



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