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5 February 2019

If you haven’t heard of the success of Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix movie Birdbox, and the cult-like following that it has generated, then you must have been living under a rock! The latest Netflix series has been widely responsible for boosting the brands subscribers to over 139 million, with the BBC reporting that 8.8 million have subscribed in the last three months alone.

But of course, this was yet another a milestone in the success Netflix have enjoyed since revolutionising how we consume content.

Netflix royalty Mitch Lowe and Marc Randolph, the driving force behind their success, are part of the corporate circuit sharing their scarcely believable story across the globe.

Marc Randolph

A veteran of Silicon Valley and serial entrepreneur, Marc needs little introduction. Founding several successful start-ups over four decades, he is most famously known for being the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. Since then his most recently achievement is co-founding Looker Data Sciences, a company specialising in analytical software. He also serves as an advisor, CEO coach and a board member to five other start-ups and enjoys working with young entrepreneur programs.

Drawing on his personal experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor in tech ventures, Marc currently serves variously as an advisor, CEO coach, and/or board member to five other start-ups.

His passion stems from this knowledge of start-ups, assisting other in achieving business success from early ‘seed’ stages with a focus on maintaining work-life balance. Investing his time in getting to know the founding team - their strengths and weaknesses – and to understand their product, competitors and market, he can personalise and tailor for any business.

Moreover, Marc works with young entrepreneur programs, and is a trustee of the non-profit National Outdoor Leadership School.

Mitch Lowe

With a history in the entertainment industry, there’s no surprise that Mitch was a founding Executive at Netflix serving as their Domain Expert and Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Alliances for 5 years. Post Netflix, Mitch joined the investment group at McDonald’s as Chief Operating Officer and then was President at Redbox, growing it to be a billion-dollar business.

Mitch now spends his time making personal investments in entertainment, blockchain and social space start-ups and has a passion in the success of people’s businesses, start-up and global companies alike.

A popular keynote speaker, Mitch delivers keynotes inclusive but not limited to Facing Tough Leadership Decisions, Creating a Winning Culture and Building Teamwork to Achieve Innovative Results, tailoring his delivery to the client’s specifications. Perfect for a range of audiences including marketing, sales, operations, strategists, he pairs inspiration and motivation with practical knowledge.

Marc and Mitch wrote their names into media folklore, building a cult-brand, a brand culture and a cultural pillar in society. If you’re business aspires to just one of that incredible trio, they could be the ticket for you.

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