Mitch Lowe

A Co-Founding Executive of Netflix, and the current CEO of Movie Pass, Mitch Lowe illuminates audiences with stories from Netflix’s journey and rise, along with strategies on leadership, building high-performance cultures and teamwork to deliver innovation.

A: £15K & Over

A founding Executive at Netflix, Inc., Mitch Lowe served as Netflix’s Entertainment Domain Expert and as Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Alliances from 1998 to 2003.

In 2003 Mitch joined the investment group at McDonald’s to co-lead as COO and then as President, at Redbox, a DVD vending machine rental service. He oversaw a huge transformation in fortunes for the company, driving market share to 35k kiosks across the US. This led to revenue growth from revenue growth from $1m in 2003 to $1.5B in revenue in 2011, with over $325m in free cash flow.

Since 2011, Mitch has taken his passion for business success, people development and first-time entrepreneurs to the next level by becoming an investor into start-ups primarily within the entertainment, blockchain and social space. Mitch sits on the board of Canteloupe Systems, Booxby, and Vidbox.

Mitch speaks to audiences on how to make tough leadership decisions, using examples from his time at Netflix and Redbox. Using case-studies, such as when Netflix raised their monthly fee by 60%, Mitch explains how decisions are made when the companies faced existential and strategic crises, providing reasoning behind those decisions and their effects—for better and/or worse.

But Mitch will also show the wrong ways to make a decision and which factors are actually not helpful in the decision making process. He then details how to make a well informed decision by looking holistically at the pros and cons, the processes and resources through which a decision is implemented, and the likelihood of success.

Mitch will also share how, and indeed why, the culture that developed in the early days of Netflix played a large role in the success of the company, and when Mitch took over as Redbox President he brought that culture with him. While, Redbox—a Chicago based company with midwest values–was a very different company than the Silicon Valley based Netflix, Mitch was able to implement the framework of the successful Netflix culture and customize it to fit Redbox’s goals and company values.

For those audiences wanting to understand the role teamwork plays in delivering innovative results, Mitch demonstrates why unwavering commitment and supportis required throughout the entire organization, which is often difficult to achieve for two reasons: one, the financial commitment and, two, getting everyone onboard for disruptive work. Audiences leave with a clear understanding of the processes required to get the whole team on board to work together towards innovative results.

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