Speeding Down the Fast Lane: Business Tips from the Legends of Formula One

10 July 2019

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the racetrack. Growing up with a dad who use to work in the F1, I feel like it’s in my blood. The atmosphere is electric, the sounds get your heart racing, and the incredible range of people who show up, whether it’s their first race or their 50th, there’s a certain excitement in the air.

But what is it that has built such an industry? It’s the innovation  behind the wheel, the incredible strategy built on sponsorship, it’s the athleticism  of the drivers, unbelievable teamwork  and the broadcasters  who keep the energy in the air.

Packed full of key learning lessons that are on many businesses’  checklists, buckle up as we speed through a selection of our Formula One experts.

The former CEO and co-owner of Mercedes F1, Nick Fry  is a respected leader from the fast-paced world of Formula One. Nick has a multitude of business tips for winning and maintaining high performance that he draws from the sporting arena and commercial tower. He has the incredible ability to get organisations geared up for highly competitive global markets. If this sounds like something you are after, then Nick is your guy!

Arguably one of the UK's best-known motoring commentators, Quentin Willson  is a celebrated TV personality, author, presenter, and campaigner. He successfully campaigned to save British motorists millions by forcing fuel prices to line with Europe and has also hit headlines after fronting Top Gear for a decade. Quentin’s history in business, motoring anecdotes and down to earth style make him a sure-fire hit for many events.

Susie Wolff , made history at the 2014 British Grand Prix by becoming the first woman to take part in a Formula 1 race weekend in 22 years. In 2016, Susie launched Dare to be Different aimed squarely at driving female talent by inspiring the next generation and increasing female participation in all levels and aspects of motorsport. Awarded an MBE for her service to women in sport, she is an expert on diversity and equality and comes packed with motivation and anecdotes from the track.

You may recognise this man as the main face of Sky Sports’ F1 HD channel. David Croft  is a sports commentator of the highest calibre, not only a host of the race but runs a live Q&A session after the checked flag. With an incredible ability to interact with the fans in a live debate, David is more than just a commentator. A popular Twitter figure, David engages widely with fans of motorsports with his #AskCrofty hashtag, and is an ideal choice for awards of conference facilitators.

After a successful stint on ITV, James Allen  became the BBC’s lead F1 commentator. Working as a Formula One correspondent for over 20 years, he has won awards for his coverage of the thrilling motor sport along the way. An experienced and insightful broadcaster and journalist within the industry, James is a popular choice for an awards host and after dinner speaker.

A world champion who has taken on the twists and turns of the adrenalin filled track is the German-Finnish former F1 racing driver Nico Rosberg. Winning 23 Grand Prix’s and earning 30 pole positions alongside teammate Lewis Hamilton, he has now hit a different circuit to impart his knowledge on the wider community. Fluent in 5 languages, Nico is an expert in marginal gains and peak performance, and attributes his success to focusing on the tiny details.

Martin Brundle has had a distinguished career in Formula 1 racing, once teammate to Michael Schumacher, and is currently a key analyst and commentator for the BBC's coverage of the F1 world championship. Martin joined the legendary Murray Walker in ITV’s commentary box in 1997, and his first-hand experience and insight into what cars and drivers do on track are still well received on TV and at live events almost two decades later.

With a front-row seat of the Formula One industry, the renowned motor sport expert and broadcaster Mark Gallagher  has held vital management roles within the F1. Working for the giants of Cosworth, Jordan Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing, Mark skilfully relates lessons from the racetrack to companies. With lessons ranging from the harnessing of technology to performance management, he motivates with insights for getting around those tricky turns in business.

Amanda Stretton  is one of the leading motorsports and classic car presenter and broadcasters and is renowned for her in-depth knowledge of the car industry. A competitor racer in the past, Amanda is a glamorous and intelligent host who can share some of the most incredible tales from her time on and off the track. As an accomplished journalist and event host, Amanda is a refreshing choice for a conference, bringing charm and style to whatever she turns her hand to.

Formula One racing sensation that is David Coulthard  has broken many career records and has won countless races. Still one of the best from his generation, he swapped the wheel for the mic and now covers the Formula One. An excellent keynote speaker, David pulls from the many lessons performing at his peak both on and off the track, and is an expert on the topics of motivation, teamwork and leadership.

With thrilling insights into the F1 business model, Marc Priestly  provides unique, eye-opening, and pertinent lessons applicable for multiple industries. Drawing on his experience at McLaren Racing to share what the motor racing sport can teach us about key areas of business, he exemplifies how short deadlines and high performance can be accomplished with the right strategy and culture. Marc shares incredible insights into marginal gains, image management, rapid productivity, and data analysis.

These Formula 1 experts have a long and distinguished track record of helping businesses reach the chequered flag before their competitors. If your audience needs the WOW factor, stories of the glitz and glamour from the pinnacle of motorsport, and the mindset to seek out marginal gains to deliver success, then there’s no better place to start.

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