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A leading business strategist, author and forecaster Richard Scase speeches explore future scanning as a basis for creative and innovative thinking. He is a futurist thinker, engaged in technology and the impact it has on our society. Richard is an expert in creativity, leadership, strategy and management, enabling him to educate the corporate world on the impact of technologies on the global economy.

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"My client was very happy with Professor Scase's performance as was I!"
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Richard Scase, academic, business forecaster and influential author of several business books, is one of the UK's leading  business  strategists and authoritative forecasters. He is also a keynote and conference speaker who strives to add value to businesses on every level.

As well as hands-on experience in business through his entrepreneurial pursuits, he holds enormous academic gravitas and is a leader in the fields of business, creativity, leadership, strategy and management.

He is an Emeritus Professor of Organisational Change at the University of Kent and holds Visiting Professorships at the University of London, Auckland, Monash University in Australia, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and the University of Essex.

His most successful book, Britain 2010: the Changing Business Landscape received wide media attention across the globe and has also contributed to UK government planning and strategy.

In Richard's books, he discusses the ways in which changes in the global economy and technologies will affect the development of successful corporate strategies over the coming decade. He explores the world around us and the issues people face as workers, citizens, and consumers. He discusses the battle between career and family and other issues such as achieving success in a wireless world, new corporations, cynical consumers, and the demographics of our world.

He is author of numerous academic books, many of which discuss aspects of the entrepreneurial organisation, managing creativity, motivational leadership, organisational re-structuring and leveraging corporate intelligence.  In addition, he is a frequent contributor of articles to national newspapers, professional magazines, as well as to radio and television programmes. He writes regular columns for Business Voice (the official monthly publication of the CBI), the Observer and Winning Business.  He has written policy focussed official reports for Government and other statutory bodies and these include Fit and Fifty (All Party committee of MPs), Europe in 2010 (EU), and Regional Futures (National Housing Federation).

Richard is not only an academic. In the 1980's he set up a media company, which is now part of the Capital Group in the United Kingdom.  In 1999, he established a B2B business, which provides on-line learning materials for corporate management development programmes. Richard was voted Personnel Today as one of the Top Ten most influential people in Britain on personnel/human resource management.

An experienced speaker at the cutting edge of emerging theories, Richard Scase is both stimulating and entertaining, presenting his forecasts for this century with characteristic wit and style.He can confidently speak on business change, strategy and entrepreneurialism.

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  • "My client was very happy with Professor Scase's performance as was I!"
  • mvm london (events) ltd

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