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Rory Sutherland is executive creative director of the Ogilvy Group in UK and tech columnist of the Spectator. A regular speaker at TED, he can educate audiences on the invaluable uses of advertising in business.  Rory is a highly acclaimed educator, he can impart his wisdom onto the corporate circuit, and teach businesses the value in customer perception.

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"Great energy, very engaging."

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The self-styled ‘Cinderella of Advertising’, Rory Sutherland started his professional life as a classics teacher, and reached the position of vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK in 2005.

When Rory joined Ogilvy & Mather Direct as a Graduate Trainee in 1988, after completing a Classics degree at Cambridge, he didn’t anticipate his prosperous future there.

With major accounts to his name (Microsoft, IBM, BUPA, amongst others), Rory was appointed Creative Director of OgilvyOne in 1997 and ECD in 1998. In 2005 he was appointed Vice Chairman on the Ogilvy Group in the UK.

Rory’s insight into technology and the future of advertising carved him the reputation of being ahead of the curve. His understanding of the possibilities of digital technology and the Internet powered his rise to his current standing as a leading light in the world of internet and  social media  through his blog at Campaign's Brand Republic site, his column "The Wiki Man" at The Spectator and his robust Twitter account.

Rory was named President of the Direct Jury at Cannes in 2007, and was elected President of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in 2009.

His incredible career in advertising, marketing and branding makes him a brilliant speaker to cover these topics in a keynote.

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  • "Great energy, very engaging."
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