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When you are writing the guest list for your next event, conference or meeting make sure you don’t forget to include a guest speaker. We work with over 7,500 public speakers so you are guaranteed to find one who is right for your event, audience and budget! Whether you already have someone in mind or are looking for some inspiration, take a look through our A-Z listings.

We've highlighted below the types of speaker we work with and how they might best fit into your event:

After Dinner Speaker: The speaker can provide your audience with information or light entertainment after the main meal is over.

Comedian: Do you want your audience crying with laughter to ensure that your event is a night to remember? Then you need a comedian to lighten the mood.

Conference Facilitator: Do you need a moderator, facilitator, host or chair for your next conference or round table discussion? We have the perfect person for your next corporate event.

Keynote Speaker: Do you need someone to highlight the essence of your meeting to your audience in a short amount of time? Then this is the speaker for you.

Motivational Speaker: Are you looking to motivate or inspire your guests? If so, you need someone with an amazing story to tell them.

Personal Appearance: Would you like to invite a very special guest who will get everyone else excited for the event? This is the one for you!

Award Hosts: Do you need someone special to hand out awards to your guests? We have the perfect award hosts among our speakers.

If you're unsure about who might be the best fit for your event, check out our 5 Key Tips to Choose the Best Speaker for Your Event or contact us so one of our friendly team can provide you with their expert advice.

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What do our website fee bands mean?

All of the speakers and artists featured on the website are classified within a specific fee range (e.g. E: £3K - £5K). This does not mean the speaker's actual fee will vary between these parameters. Instead, it is an indication that the fee is expected to fall somewhere within that range.

Some speakers may be listed as POA as they deliver a wide range of activities, which may mean that their fees are subject to greater variability depending on the requirements of our clients.

Fee bands are intended as an indication for corporate or private engagements and standard appearances to help you determine which speakers or artists are most likely to fall within your budget. These guides are based largely on our knowledge of the industry and that gained from previous bookings.

Please also note that these fees do not include VAT or expenses, and a firm fee can only be determined having approached speakers with a specific enquiry and full event brief. For the most up-to-date information, please contact a member of the Speakers Corner team, who will be happy to help.

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James Caan CBE

James Caan CBE

An expert in building and selling profitable businesses, James Caan CBE joined as one of the Dragons in Dragons Den in the fifth series and is an excellent business speaker.

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