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Ana Palacio

A formidable business and economics keynote and conference speaker, Ana Palacio was the first woman in charge of the Spanish Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is Vice President of the World Bank. Rated by the Wall Street Journal as one of the most relevant worldwide opinion leaders and one of the 12 most influential global players in business, she is well-placed to discuss a range of international issues. 

Dr. Ana Palacio was rated by the Wall Street Journal as one of the most relevant worldwide opinion leaders and one of the 12 most influential global players in business. She is a formidable business and economics keynote and conference speaker.

Ana is a former Spanish foreign minister and former Senior Vice president of the World bank. She was the first woman in charge of the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For eight years, up until 2002, she was MP in the European Parliament, she led the committee in dealing with legal affairs, internal markets, justice and national affairs.

In May 2008 she was named Vice-President of the French public group AREVA, with broad responsibilities, especially in the fields of Marketing and International Affairs.

Collecting more accolades under her belt, in 2006 she assumed the Vice-presidency of the World Bank, becoming the maximum authority on legal affairs in the Bank and the main advisor on this area of the institution’s management.

Having been a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council and a member of the Board of the Atlantic Council of the United States since 2008, Ana is accomplished in dealing with global strategy for world affairs on a daily basis.

Graduated summa cum laude in Sociology, Political Science and Law, she is a member of the council that supervises over the European Law Academy, a body she has presided in the past. Ana is a distinguished professor at the European College in Parma and regularly takes part in international forums of prestige such as the Ambrossetti Forum.

Ana forms part of the Carnegie Corporation, the Council on Foreign Relations.  One of her many feats is being named by Nicolas Sarkozy as the only Spanish member of the Committee of Wise Men for the liberalisation of the French economy.

A pioneer of international societies governed by democratic law. An influential business woman and a global business player, Ana has cemented her place in international politics and development.  

Her speaking topics include:

- Sustainable development and climate change

- Geopolitics and international affairs

- Nuclear Energy

- International Justice for developing countries 

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