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Claire Burge

Creativity and turnaround expert Claire Burge founded international companies Get Organised and Sorted Circus. Her experiment to live an email-free life went viral. As a serial tech entrepreneur, she speaks about creativity in the tech space, behavioural change within organisations, and the impact of business systems on human behaviour.

Claire Burge is a serial tech entrepreneur, with a focus on human behaviour. She consults companies on how to make changes in the workforce and increase productivity, and founded Get Organised. Her ‘no email’ experiment went viral and is beginning to shape the future of work.

With an early yearning to be a part of the business world, Claire began working at an accountancy firm at the age of 12, making tea. By the time she left school she was practically running the place. She understood every process and was motivated to discover the thinking, technology and strategies behind making business work.

Throughout her undergraduate degree she worked as an intern in a variety of companies across a broad spectrum of sectors, and as her psychology degree led to a Masters in entrepreneurship, where she was assigned to help failing companies turnaround, Claire was fully equipped to enter the world of employment.

Coming at business from a human behaviour angle, Claire’s problem-solving techniques were process and staff-focussed and resolutely effective.

After setting up her own tech company and selling it, Claire founded Get Organised, where her aim was to train businesses in productivity and behavioural change. Success after success built a solid reputation for Claire and her team, and one day, working out what they could be doing even better, Claire had a mad idea. How would a world without email look?

Her experiment was documented in a blog which, before long, went viral. After 365 days she realised that her concept had worked. Her productivity had increased, her workforce had grown and she had extra time in the day to pursue her hobbies – food photography, writing a book and mountain biking!

All thanks to ditching the inbox and now a whole movement has sprung up around her theory.

Since then her work has expanded into the following areas:

  • The Future of Work: What are the essential characteristics of a future forward thinking organisation?
  • Collaboration and Productivity: They’re different but equal.
  • Workplace Transformation: The relationship between humans, technology, systems and space and how they can work together to make a more productive work space.  
  • Creating a Happy Workplace: An environment that is essential for employers and employees to survive and prosper.

Claire’s keynote speech challenges existing systems and offers alternatives. With engaging warmth, and a charismatic enthusiasm, she has become hot property on the speaking and consultancy circuit, and works with some of the world's largest corporations including: PwC, Kia, KPMG, EY, Opel and Johnson & Johnson; helping them to redefine their corporate culture.


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