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Derren Brown

Amazing and unsettling as an illusionist and mind-reader, Derren Brown is a unique force who appears to have control over human behaviour. Derren will astonish an audience with his mind-bending psychology, his inconceivable performance will charm an after dinner audience or business event. The energetic showmanship and audience engagement makes him a perfect addition to any event. 

Amazing and unsettling as an illusionist and mind-reader, Derren Brown is a unique force who appears to have control over human behaviour.

As a Law student, Derren funded his studies by performing magic in bars and restaurants and hypnotising audiences.

Everyone was blown away, and have heard words bandied about like amazing, fantastic, unbelievable. All in all, a great success.
SfE Health

In 1999 he was asked by Channel 4 to put a mind-reading programme together and a year later, 'Derren Brown: Mind Control’ was unleashed on British audiences. It became an overnight success.  Derren’s cool, underground kudos had turned mainstream. A household name, his fans were as vociferous as his critics, who stigmatised him for some controversial stunts.

As a multi-award-winning entertainer, Derren has been awarded the Silver Rose in the Variety Category at Rose d’Or Montreux 2003, and his 2005 live show Something Wicked This Way Comes at the Cambridge Theatre won an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment Show. Winning countless more awards and accolades since Derren continues to impress his audiences.

In the summer of 2016, Thorpe Park created a ghost train ride in collaboration with Derren Brown. His mass appeal has seen him predict the national lottery and hypnotise a man on stage to believe he had assassinated Stephen Fry.

When Derren is in front of a corporate audience he uses mind-reading and psychological manipulation, and works in a fully engaging way with the audience who spend most of the time on their feet and on tenterhooks!

He tours the UK yearly with his sell-out shows, he has also written numerous highly acclaimed books on the tricks of the mind. 2016 saw Derren publish a book on Happiness.

High-energy, charming, funny and respectful, Derren’s talents are unparalleled.

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What people said about Derren Brown

Derren was fantastic. The event went really well and he was truly a crowning glory.
Creative Director

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