Geoff Hurst

Geoff Hurst is a former England international footballer, a sporting legend famed for scoring a hat-trick in a World Cup final. Working as the assistant team captain, and later leaving football to start a career in insurance, Geoff has a strong skill set in both business and sports. A brilliant after-dinner speaker who will dazzle the room with witty career anecdotes and motivational messages, Geoff is the perfect addition to a business event.

An iconic figure in global sport, Sir Geoff Hurst is the first and only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final.
Now a world-class motivational speaker, after dinner speaker, coach and consultant, Geoff imparts his knowledge and experience to international businesses at the highest level. He is currently a director at a London Insurance Company, and his business experience alongside his footballing history combines to make him an influential and motivational keynote speaker.

In the football world his name is hallowed. In the 1966 World Cup Final against Germany he scored the third goal of his hat-trick in the last few moments of the game, and created a legend.

Very professional, extremely supportive in pre-event prep and onsite, truly nice to work with!
Teradata (UK) Ltd

Starting out at West Ham United, straight from school (where he was also passionate about cricket), Geoff made 499 league and cup appearances, scoring 248 goals. He was Player of the year three times and won the F.A. Cup with West Ham in 1964 and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1965.   During this time, Geoff became one of the highest paid footballers in the UK.

Next was a stint at Stoke, and then West Bromwich Albion, Telford, and then Geoff’s career swerved in the direction of team management.

His role as assistant coach to the England National Team was followed by two years as Chelsea manager, and then a momentous career decision – to leave football.

With no commercial experience, Geoff enrolled on course to learn the basics of selling and gain a knowledge of his new product, insurance.

"Suddenly, I was no longer a well-known footballer and World Cup hero." says Geoff. "I was another man in the street struggling to pay the mortgage. In the space of a fortnight my life turned around completely. The induction course taught me how to approach people. Until this time, everyone had approached me - for autographs, for charity events, for photographs, for interviews, for TV and personal appearances. Now I had to learn how to approach strangers."

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What people said about Geoff Hurst

He was wonderful, a great Inspirational speaker and a truly lovely guy.
Mixing Digital
It's only when you see Dads and their sons together almost in a fan worship for Geoff that you realise what a legend he still is.
The Red Consultancy (McDonalds Communication Company)
Accommodating & friendly. You made many people, not least the mad football fans very happy. We would certainly recommend you.
Futuresource Consulting
The appreciation for the man was far greater than we have ever had for any current player and he works as a total professional.
R&T Tours
The way he works a room when entering, particularly to strangers is unique and everyone can learn from his professionalism.
Courier Newspapers
Geoff is a great communicator and got our message across with the force it needed, it opened the doors for national media coverage.
Keeping The National Stadium in London Campaign
The ability to feel the atmosphere in a room is unique and Sir Geoff manages to mix business with sporting events perfectly.
National Computer Company
Geoff manages to keep animated on the subject for every new audience and combines playing stories with experience of the business world
World Computer Analyst
His face and respected national endorsement help to introduce and sell out product extremely well.
National Insurance Company
We needed a face to appeal to everybody and Sir Geoff appeals transcends all ages and aspects of society giving us the desired impact.
Midlands-based Marketing Company
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