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Quick-witted, charismatic celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott is the consummate professional as an awards host and presenter. Following a successful career in cooking, TV and radio, Ainsley is well-recognised for his loveable, larger-than-life presence, having fronted a range of cookery and lifestyle programmes including Ready Steady Cook and the One Show.

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Celebrity chef  and Ready Steady Cook presenter Ainsley Harriott is quick-witted, charismatic and a consummate professional.

Although singing and performing was his first love (he co-founded the Calypso Twins in the early 90’s) Ainsley’s cooking career began when he was offered an apprenticeship at an East End restaurant at the age of 16.

After years of hard work in the kitchen, Ainsley rose to Head Chef position at Lord's Cricket Ground's Long Room.

He worked as a chef in many restaurants in London including the Dorchester, Brown's, The Hilton, The Westbury, Café Pelican and Quaglino's.

Simultaneously his foray into TV and radio began. While at Lords he was asked to present More Nosh, Less Dosh on BBC Radio 5, and he then secured a small role in sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf in 1993, and eventually became resident chef on Good Morning with Anne and Nick.

Once Ainsley became the main presenter of Can't Cook, Won't Cook and later Ready, Steady, Cook, he was a household name.

Since he has presented, Ainsley's Barbecue Bible; Ainsley's Meals in Minutes; Ainsley's Big Cook Out; Ainsley Harriot’s Street Food and Ainsley's Gourmet Express. These shows allowed him to become one of the most famous TV cooking faces in the country.

2015 saw Ainsley appear on Strictly Come Dancing. He continues to be one of the nation’s best-loved chefs and TV personalities. His on camera experience and natural charm makes him the perfect choice for award ceremonies and personal appearances.

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