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The Chief Executive of the Mentoring Foundation, Peninah Thomson works extensively with Chief Executives and Boards on strategy, organisational change and culture, and leadership. She has also authored original research into women's leadership. 3 key threads run throughout her keynote presentations: real communication, identifying more options, and taking action.

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Three threads run through  keynote speaker  Peninah Thomson's work: a belief in real communication - the engine-room of understanding and co-operation between individuals, groups and nations; a commitment to helping people identify more options than they thought they had; and helping good people work their way through to decisions and to action.

Peninah’s early career was in the UK Foreign Office, then in Paris, working direct to the Board of NATO National Delegates. After Doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, she joined PricewaterhouseCoopers, working for eight years in Government Services and Economics Division, and at Cabinet Office level in India, Africa, Singapore & Hong Kong. Seconded for two years to the UK Cabinet Office and to the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, she was then promoted Director, and spent four years in PwC’s Corporate Transformation Practice working at Board level in FTSE 100 companies.

Peninah is an International speaker and broadcaster, and has published four books and refereed articles on women’s leadership, corporate governance & business ethics. She directs the FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme, in which 51 FTSE 100 Chairmen & CEOs mentor senior women from just below the Board to become credible Board candidates. This highly successful Programme has been running for over a decade and has been emulated across the globe. She has co-authored several texts on women in business and leadership.

Peninah has worked exclusively as a board level executive coach with individual senior executives, and with senior teams as groups, on strategy, organisational change, and leadership. She applies technical skills in coaching, counselling, process consultancy, psychotherapy and facilitation, and the approaches she uses are grounded in a broad experience base, an approachable style, maturity and common sense.  Her combination of technical and process skills enables her to carry conviction, and she has been engaged by the IBRD (World Bank), and by a number of boards, to help in the conversion of conflict to a negotiated settlement.

Peninah served on the Strategy Group of Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. She was a member of the UK Commissioner for Public Appointment’s Advisory Board, & an Advisor to the Center for Work-Life Policy, New York.  She is the CEO of The Mentoring Foundation, a company limited by guarantee that owns and manages the FTSE100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme.

She was awarded an OBE for Services to Women and Equality in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2012.

Peninah is a keynote speaker who believes in real communication; a commitment to helping people identify more options than they thought they had, and helping delegates work their way through to decisions and to action.

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