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Politics & Current Affairs

Politics and current affairs are constantly adapting to meet with the demands of an ever-changing landscape. There is nothing like a political speaker to share stories, exclusive insights and share messages that can provide hope that the future is bright, or explanations for some of the most misconceived attitudes adopted by the general population. Speakers Corner has a huge range of political speakers covering issues as diverse as economic climates and domestic business challenges to international relations, to educate and inspire your audience.

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Misha Glenny

B   B: £10K - £15K   Misha Glenny is an international expert on cyber security and organised crime. A trained actor, his keynote speeches are full of life, passion, experience and a dose of intelligent humour.

Moises Naim

A   A: £15K & Over   Former editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy magazine, Moisés Naím has written extensively on international politics & economics & the consequences of globalisation.

Niall Ferguson

POA   POA: Contact Us   Niall Ferguson is one of the world's leading historians of the global economy.

Nicholas Davis

C   C: £5K - £10K   Nicholas Davis is Head of Society and Innovation and a member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nick Clegg

A   A: £15K & Over   Nick Clegg was a Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam from 2007-2015, he also served as Deputy Prime Minister in Britain's first post-war Coalition Government from 2010 to 2015.

Nick Ferrari

D   D: £3K - £5K   The outspoken and humorous presenter of LBC’s flagship radio show, Nick Ferrari entertains corporate audiences as an after dinner speaker.

Nick Watt

D   D: £3K - £5K   Nick Watt is the Political Editor of Newsnight and is the perfect chair, host or speaker for events requiring an inside view of politics

Nina Schick

D   D: £3K - £5K   A political commentator, advisor and public speaker, Nina specialises in how technology and artificial intelligence is reshaping democracy and global geopolitics.

Norman Lamont

C   C: £5K - £10K   In the current economic climate, the former Chancellor, Lord Norman Lamont is an exceptional speaker and in high demand on the corporate circuit.

Oliver Kamm

E   E: < £3K   Chief Economics leader writer and columnist for The Times, Oliver Kamm is a passionate and engaging speaker.

Oona King

B   B: £10K - £15K   Oona King is the Diversity Director at YouTube.

Parag Khanna

A   A: £15K & Over   With leading geo-strategist, world traveller and author Parag Khanna as a guide, audiences will have the most cutting edge roadmap of geopolitics.

Paul Johnson

D   D: £3K - £5K   As the director of the UK’s leading economic research institute, Paul Johnson has spent his whole working life focussing on the economics of public policy and can talk on a range of topics related to this field.

Paul Mason

D   D: £3K - £5K   Freelance reporter, formerly Channel 4’s Economics Editor, Paul Mason was appointed BBC Newsnight's business correspondent in 2001, making his first live appearance on 9/11.

Peter Gershon

POA   POA: Contact Us   Sir Peter Gershon was head of the Office of Goverment Commerce and is now Chaiman of National Grid. His career has spanned both the private and public sectors.

Phillip Blond

D   D: £3K - £5K   Political thinker, Anglican theologian, and director of think tank ResPublica.



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