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After receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, experienced keynote and motivational speaker, Alex Flynn, decided to set himself the 10MillionMetres Challenge. Since then, he has faced adversity by taking on some of the world’s most daring races: from completing the Marathon des Sables (a 250km race across the Sahara Desert) to running from London to Rome to meet the Pope, Alex’s inspirational story is one that galvanises audiences into action.

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How would most people react upon a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease?

For  keynote  and  motivational  speaker, Alex Flynn, it meant establishing the 10MillionMetres Challenge.

Alex had worked as a lawyer for numerous multinationals when he received the devastating news in 2008. But in the face of adversity, Alex achieved something truly inspirational: he, quite literally, went to the ends of the earth to show that it is possible to do anything, even when living with a degenerative disease.

Encompassing some of the world’s most daring races, the 10MillionMetres Challenge took Alex 10,000,010m around the world through deserts, mountains, and even open water.

By running, cycling, swimming, and walking, Alex’s incredible feats of courage raised more than one million pounds for research into Parkinson’s.

While fighting against the relentless progression of the disease, Alex completed The 2010 Marathon des Sables, raced across the Bavarian Alps, and traversed from London to Rome in 30 days, not to mention taking on Ironman and an Olympic Triathlon.

In 2014, he passed the 10 million metre mark at the finishing line of the Dubai Marathon.

Humorous and insightful, Alex’s fierce belief in himself and everyone around him is infectious.

A living example of human perseverance against the odds, he demonstrates that positive change, whether in a company or in one’s personal life, can be carved out from even the greatest of trials.

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- Overcoming adversity

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