Douglas Alexander

As a former U.K. Minister for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs, Governor of the World Bank, and Minister for Europe, Douglas Alexander brings decades of knowledge to contemporary issues of European economic and foreign policy making.

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Douglas Alexander’s background threads together academia, politics and strategy, enabling him to confidently speak on developments in domestic and international politics, and the global economic environment. His expertise stems from two decades working at the highest levels in Government, solving complex political issues.

The former minister is also now Senior Fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School and a Visiting Professor at the Policy Institute of King’s College, London, Douglas holds accolades from universities across the globe. He has a degree in law and practiced as a solicitor in Scotland having achieved an MA Hons (1st Class), LLB (Distinction), Dip.L.P, from the University of Edinburgh (1990-1994). An accomplished keynote speaker and political advisor, he is well-placed to guide companies through the current political climate, accommodating his expertise to a range of requests on the corporate circuit.

Douglas is a Member of the European Council of Foreign Relations and a member of the Privy Council. He has produced many highly acclaimed texts on British Foreign Policy and how we can make changes for the future. Working closely with Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Douglas was tasked with developing innovative approaches to address some of the world’s most complex and difficult problems. His expertise in the field of change makes him an ideal speaker to advise businesses on how to navigate post-Brexit uncertainty.

He was formerly the Labour Member of Parliament (MP) for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, and, as a former U.K. Minister for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs, Governor of the World Bank, and Minister for Europe, he brings decades of knowledge to contemporary issues of European economic and foreign policy making.

In his role as Secretary of State for International Development, Douglas led over 2500 staff based in 39 countries with a Budget of $10.6 billion - an experience that renders him competent to advise other businesses how to lead their teams.

After being appointed Secretary of State for Transport, Douglas led the UK’s response to the 2006 Transatlantic Aircraft Terror Plot, working with Police, Intelligence Agencies, the Airlines and the US Department of Homeland Security.

As Minister of State for Europe during the UK Presidency of the European Union, he directly contributed to successful negotiations on Accession of Turkey and agreement of the EU Budget.

Douglas’s extensive experience at a high level in areas such as international development, trade, and the EU, mean that he has a deep understanding of how current affairs affect businesses, ensuring that he is able to speak with authority on subjects which can help companies to map out their future during turbulent economic and political times.

From 2007 to 2010, Douglas also served as the UK's Governor to the World Bank, working to negotiate successful reforms including additional representation for developing countries and decentralisation of bank operations.

Alongside his academic, legal and political commitments, Douglas is also a senior adviser to U2 frontman Bono on development and investment in and beyond Africa. He works to drive economic growth, together with technology investment.

He has addressed a range of large audiences at the likes of Harvard, Yale, Oxford, the London School of Economics, the World Economic Forum, the Royal United Services Institute, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the 2015 Deutsche Bank Summit.

Douglas’s experience in the fields of trade, strategy, politics and academia mean he is well placed to deliver an erudite speech on foreign and domestic politics, legal affairs and economic development in Europe and beyond.



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