James Bilefield

Former Skype and Yahoo executive James Bilefield is a serial digital entrepreneur who built a set of technology-based businesses around the world. As an engaging keynote speaker, he draws on his extensive experience, such as scaling Skype's global activities and managing the digital transformation of Condé Nast, to inspire audiences to keep up with changing technology.

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Former Skype and Yahoo executive, and a serial digital entrepreneur, James Bilefield quit a successful investment banking career to build a series of technology-based disruptors around the world.

On the stage, he brings to audiences a deep insight into the digital mindset, drawing on his hands-on roles as a tech practitioner and disrupter across a range of global industries. He is a lively and passionate speaker, with a core belief in the power of technology to disrupt and transform for the better organisations, industries and all of our lives.

James scaled Skype's global business as part of its founding management team, managed the digital transformation of media group Condé Nast across 27 countries, and led a major investment in fashion e-commerce leader Farfetch. He also co-founded UpMyStreet, one of the UK's first digital businesses, ran OpenX, a pre-IPO company delivering billions of digital ads daily, and managed large parts of Yahoo!'s operations during its major growth phase.

He currently serves on a number of public, private and not-for-profit boards, addressing a broad range of digital transformation and growth initiatives. He also holds advisory positions at McKinsey & Company and Advent International, and is an active technology investor and mentor.

James is able to speak on a variety of topics, including business and industry transformation, globalisation and our shared digital future, with a particular interest in culture change, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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