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Director at Moody's Analytics and head of the Credit Analytics team for EMEA, Juan Licari is a financial mastermind. Adept at analysing market methodologies and implementing risk management, Juan is well-versed in delivering keynote speeches on credit events and economic conferences worldwide. An analyst of the highest quality, Juan is well-placed to speak on current financial issues in both English and Spanish.

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Juan M. Licari is a director at Moody's Analytics and the head of the Credit Analytics team for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. An eloquent speaker, Juan can speak on a broad range of topics from detailed financial analysis to high levels trends in the economic and business community.

Moody's Analytics

Dr. Licari’s team provides consulting support to major industry players, builds econometric tools to model credit phenomena, and implements several stress-testing platforms to quantify portfolio risk exposure. His team is an industry leader in developing and implementing credit solutions that explicitly connect credit data to the underlying economic cycle, allowing portfolio managers to plan for alternative macroeconomic scenarios.

Juan is actively involved in communicating the team’s research and methodologies to the market. He often speaks at credit events and economic conferences worldwide. Dr. Licari holds a PhD and an MA in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated summa cum laude from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina.

Dr. Licari has presented the firm’s unique credit solutions to portfolios of banks, consumer finance companies, investment groups, and retail lenders in 14 countries. Juan meets continually with market participants and provides first hand insights to clients worldwide.

Keynote speaking

An articulate and engaging speaker in both English and Spanish, he is also in demand as an expert on the global economy and international credit outlook.  He has spoken at conventions of industry and academic groups such as RiskMinds and RiskCapital conferences in Europe, RMA and CBA events, credit collection symposiums, Yale University, The Wharton School, and Cornell University.

His speaking topics include:

  • Economic and Credit Cycles: How does the credit cycle relate to underlying economic conditions? What can I expect for economic conditions going forward and how could that translate into credit performance? When should credit tightening end given current economic conditions and prospects?
  • Sovereign Credit: How likely is it for a series of sovereign defaults to occur? Could this trigger a severe and prolonged downturn in global economic activity? How would financial and credit markets react to such an event?
  • Stress Testing: Where to start for running a sound stress testing exercise to my portfolio? How do economic assumptions flow to portfolio exposures in stressed scenarios? What risks should I prioritize today when designing a forward-looking severe scenario?

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