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Turning athlete groups into top performance teams, Juande Ramos was considered the world’s third best head coach, according to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics. He manages both the theory and practice of the game, sharing insights into what makes powerful teamwork and leadership on the speaking circuit.

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Juande Ramos is considered the head coach who best manages the theory and practice, turning athlete groups into top performance teams that enjoy working together but that, above all, achieve success as a matter of course.

In 2006 Juande Ramos was the world’s third best head coach, according to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics.

For a year he was the best paid head coach in the world, when he signed up to work with the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. His persevering work made it possible for the team, which was divided and shattered, to become a high precision machine of success, winning 2008’s Carling Cup.

Before coaching Spurs, he was responsible for the Sevilla F.C. for three years. These were the most successful years in the history of the club. During the season of 2006/07, it won the UEFA Cup and Super Cup, and the Spanish King’s Cup. 2006 also meant a year of personal recognition for Juande Ramos. He was named best coach of the year by the Andalusian Federation of the Sport Press, by the soccer magazine Don Balónand by the most read Spanish sports newspaper, MARCA.

His magic also worked with RayoVallecano, which he coached from 1998 to 2001. During this time this club from Madrid achieved great things: it got into the First Division and was invited to play the UEFA Cup thanks to its Fair Play.

His strong leadership was shown during a match where his team was winning by 2-0. He realized the players had relaxed and they weren’t doing their best. Then, he did something even though he knew it would be criticized by press and fans. He retired a player from the game without replacing him. He wanted to teach his team a lesson: if they didn’t play to their best efforts, he would remove players until they were outnumbered and thus beaten by their rivals.

His friendly treatment and high professional standards have also been praised by his colleagues. The Argentinean former soccer player and head coach Marcelo Trobbianisays about him:

“He is a great example of a self-made coach nowadays. He hasn’t been given anything, nor did he count on a glorious past as a soccer player, and that’s why anything he does is more of an achievement. There’s no doubt that, if you want to become a good coach, you have to look up to Juande Ramos.”

Ramos, who English fans have nicknamed “The Ruthless”, began his career as a soccer midfielder for the Elche FC, where he made it to the First Division. A knee injury forced him to retire from the fields only to soon. He was just 28 years old. That’s when he started to work as a coach, again for Elche FC’s lower categories. The 24th of march, 2007, his town, Pedro Muñozpaid him a tribute naming the local stadium after him.

He joined Real Madrid in January 2008 where he managed the team till the end of the season.  He is currently managing in the Ukraine.

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