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A world-renowned futurologist, technology analyst and commentator on the digital age, Ray Hammond has spent almost four decades studying the major trends that will shape the future. He provides keynote lectures, workshops and seminars on the digital future for the world's leading corporations, embracing the theory that he is now living in the period that he first described years ago.

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"Ray Hammond is a dynamic, insightful and very captivating speaker. He had the audience on the edge of their seats."
- Citrix Systems, USA
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Ray Hammond is a world-renowned futurologist, technology analyst and commentator on the digital age and future topics.

He is a natural and charismatic performer; his speaking style is spontaneous, interactive and entertaining.

For over three decades, Ray has been writing and speaking about the trends that will shape the future.  His long record of accurate foresight is unique in Europe, and his predictions for the future he first described 30 years ago, have since rung true.

In 2010, former President Mikhail Gobachev presented Ray with a U.N. Gold Medal for Services to Futurology – for his “constant commitment to research and for his stunning speculations about the future, enlightened by scientific knowledge and an evident concern for humankind.”

He is a best-selling author whose titles have been published in countless different countries and several languages. His books have covered all kinds of topics including the future, technology, digital innovations, the internet and flexible business.

He wrote the world's first guide to on-line commerce and the Internet, ‘The On-Line Handbook' (1984), which identified the overwhelming importance of the Internet and 'search' as the key driving force behind all future on-line advertising and digital commerce. His book ‘Digital Business: Surviving & Thriving in an On-Line World' (1996) was described at the time as an inspiration to all those wanting to exploit the potential of on-line technologies.

Ray is also a regular contributor to ‘MIT Technology Review,' ‘Computing', ‘Business and Technology' and ‘New Media Investor'.

In addition to his writing career and academic work, Ray is a successful and proven business leader and serial entrepreneur. He has hands-on experience of creating and selling profitable businesses.

He is a guest lecturer at Oxford University’s Oxford-Martin School, CASS Business School and Lund University. He is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Today, he provides  keynote lectures , workshops and seminars on the digital future for the world's leading corporations in between writing and lecturing at his universities.

For further information or to book Ray Hammond, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email  info@speakerscorner.co.uk


For further information or to book Ray Hammond please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

What people said about Ray Hammond

  • "Ray Hammond is a dynamic, insightful and very captivating speaker. He had the audience on the edge of their seats."
  • - Citrix Systems, USA
  • "Very good - and was greatly appreciated by the audience. The one area he may have done slightly better is to tie back the vision of the future to the audience and their company - some of the attendees were quite old school and required to much of a leap to get them to understand the total relevance"
  • - Inzenka Inc
  • "There were 3,000 attendees at our Networkers 2007 event in Cannes - they all loved Ray's inspiring presentation."
  • - Cisco Systems

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